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Standard telephone lines are still fairly easy to bug (commonly known as phone 'tapping'). The fact that the signal has to pass through a wired system usually inside and outside a premises before being unreachable to the average person leaves open the possibility of a wiretap or phone bug being attached

The Telephone/Fax Tap Defeat will help to ensure that any bugs attached to the line can be prevented from doing there job by starving them of power. many bugs leach power from the line that they are 'tapping' to power themselves. Only a certain amount of power is required to actually make an audio call down the line. This product allows the user to reduce the power draw on the line to a value that will only allow a normal audio conversation. This means there is no capacity left to power the leaching 'wiretap', thereby rendering it useless.

Setting up is a matter of a few minutes. Simply plug the unit into any BT socket on your line, (it doesn't necessarily have to be the one you're using) and the device will assist in rendering your conversations safe. By moving the switch on the unit from 'safe' to 'unsafe' position you can control whether to have any attached offending device on or off. This means you can use the wiretap against itself by divulging misleading information when you know the device is in the 'unsafe' setting.

  • Landline ant-bugging device designed for standard single phone lines
  • Turn on or off any wiretap or bug or any phone recorder controlled by line voltage
  • Switch between safe and unsafe mode to give false call recording
  • Very simple to set up and use
  • LED indication lights to denote safe and unsafe modes

Can this detect if the line is being listened to at the Telephone Exchange?

No, this will only detect if a device has been attached to the line locally and be able to defeat it.

What if there is more than one phone connected to different sockets on the same line within the same building. Will it protect all of these phones?

No, it would only be able to protect the phone that is directly connected, however, with multi-handset systems where there is one base station and the other handsets are connected wirelessly, then as long as the unit is connected to the base station, then all would be protected.

You will need to consider the following to be able to use this equipment:

  • This device will NOT defeat devices attached to the line that have their own power source, although these bugging devices will normally have to be much more obvious than those that take power from the line to 'self-power'.
  • If a wireless or Cordless DECT phone is being used on the line that the device is attached then the line can still be made safe by the Telephone/Fax Tap Defeat.

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