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3G GSM Spy Cameras Bring New Versatility

Adrian Mudd   July 3, 2009

Over the past 24 months, Spy Equipment UK has welcomed a new addition to the spy camera family. 3G GSM covert cameras have added a new dimension the way that cameras can be used to remotely monitor targeted areas for any potentially illegal or criminal activity.

Previously, there have only really two possible options for such remote covert camera monitoring. Firstly there are hard-wired board covert cameras can be connected to a network just in the same way that CCTV cameras can be monitored on remote sites, but this usually requires connection through a hard-drive recorder or a PC with specific PCI Card and supporting software. These systems prove to be a relatively expensive option because of the cost of the hardware involved and expert installation fees. Secondly, there are wireless transmitting cameras, which in recent times have become more sophisticated with power saving and movement activation options. However, these cameras have restricted transmission range due to UK OFCOM restrictions and a further downfall is the fact that the transmission is not secure.

3G GSM Cameras

The 3G GSM cameras were first introduced into mobile phone technology but now have been built into everyday objects including PIR’s and Smoke Detectors. The latest and most sophisticated addition to date has been SPY Equipment UK’s 3G Recording Clock Radio. This is specially designed for streaming real-time audio and video footage back to your mobile phone or PDA from anywhere in the world where 3G coverage is supported. This stylish Sony DAB Radio operates as a fully functional digital clock to compliment any office or home environment and can be handled and displayed with complete confidence. Once set up, simply make a video call to the 3G SIM installed inside the radio (not included) and the connected call will display full-colour real-time footage with stereo audio directly on your handset. Should you wish, you can use your handset to remotely activate the recording function and store the evidential proof to an SD T-Flash Card within the clock radio.

So, if you are looking for a truly modern solution for remote camera site monitoring and recording, then the search is now over!