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3G Outdoor Camouflage Camera (Live Notifications)

Product Code 3GAM

Latest 3G high definition outdoor surveillance video and still image camera in camouflaged enclosure with in-built SD card recording system. True day and night capability with ‘invisible’ infrared illuminators and motion activation system that can send ‘live’ still images by MMS or email to your remote computer or smartphone (Supplied programmed with SIM and credit).

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A self-contained spy camera and DVR system designed for use outdoors. Commonly known as a game or Trail camera, this camouflaged waterproof outdoor camera device produces high definition video and still shots and has the ability to send out imagery to a remote computer or smartphone via MMS or email.

Motion Triggered Video Recording

The unit will blend into a leafy environment and is designed with excellent battery life capability for long term deployment scenarios. The inbuilt movement sensors have a wide scan area, so as soon as there is movement detected within a 25 metre 120º arc to the front, the system will either record video with or will snap a still image and store this on the internal SD card memory within. Triggering is super-fast at 0.5 seconds so you shouldn’t miss a thing. The camera lens is also a 120º wide angle to match the PIR sensor.

Live Alerts Sent by MMS or Email

The internal DVR will record 1080p or 720p video files and/or stills onto the pre-installed internal memory card and can accept a maximum SD card capacity of 32GB. This new top of the range 3G outdoor spy camera system can be programmed with specific mobile phone numbers and email addresses that have been selected to receive motion activated ‘live’ alerts with images. To do this the camera unit does need to be fitted with an active standard sized phone SIM card that is either on a contract or has enough credit in order for to be able to send messages by MMS and/or email.

Discreet Nighttime Operation

This outdoor camouflaged camera system has a superb set of 940NM infrared LED lights that in low light and complete darkness will automatically switch on to illuminate the area in front of the 3G Outdoor Camo Camera. Although illumination is provided for the camera to be able to see, the LED’s operate on a light frequency cannot be seen by the human eye, which means that the camera can work away covertly. When the LED’s are on, the 16 megapixel CMOS spy camera will automatically switch to capture stills and video in ‘black and white’. Although when there is enough daylight the infrared lights will stay off and the camera system will revert back to full colour imagery.

A Multitude of Deployment Possibilities

Programmable for adjustable trigger time, scheduled time frame triggering, selectable image and video resolution, periodic image capture (1 second to 24 hours) and a maximum stand-alone deployment time of up to 6 months. With such versatility it is easy to see why this outdoor camera makes sense for many circumstances.

Whilst many customers will use this system to capture wildlife, others will make the connection to use this device for instant surveillance outside the home, to keep watch on a car, overlooking the office, construction site or maybe a warehouse. Because this is the latest 3G type it means that deployment opportunities enhanced and ‘live’ notifications are faster than the 2G models. A Vodafone SIM is included as standard with £10 worth of credit so the device will be programmed and ready to go, which makes matters so simple for the customer on receiving the device.

  • Waterproof (IP54) camouflage casing for covert deployment in many outdoor environments
  • Wide angle motion sensors (120 degree angle) that activate taking of video and/or still photos – adjustable
  • Real time ‘programmable’ video recording up to 1920 x1080 resolution)
  • 16 megapixel still photos capability producing superb image clarity – adjustable
  • Periodic image shot setting – between 1 second and 24 hours , 24 Infrared LED’s making it possible to gather clear imagery when deployed at night
  • 940NM ‘Black LED’ Illuminators as standard – Not visible to human eye
  • Maximum night vision lighting distance: 65ft/20 meters
  • Powered by 4 x AA batteries (not supplied)
  • Additional battery compartment for 4 more AA batteries to extend deployment time (batteries not supplied)
  • High quality 2.0” LCD screen (with cover flap during deployment) for menu setting
  • Slick programmable operating system with remote IR controller supplied
  • Program to take stills and/or video to suit your needs
  • Set to send still images to an email address and/or mobile phone number of your choice
  • Programme to capture triggered imagery between certain specified times (scheduled recording)
  • Time and date stamp on imagery – Format JPEG (still image) and AVI (video)
  • Password setup to prevent unauthorised access (4 digit code)
  • SD card recording system (maximum 32GB – not supplied, see package options)
  • Dimensions: approximately 14cm x 8cm x 5.5cm (14cm height does not included antenna)
  • Playback on the inbuilt LCD screen or on a laptop or PC or Mac
  • Recorded files are compatible with all Windows operating systems – No special software required
  • Supplied with tough mounting strap for attachment of the unit to trees and other fixed objects at the deployment location
  • Supplied ‘ready to go’ pre-programmed with Vodafone SIM and £10.00 worth of credit

Is this product available in any other colour?

No, unfortunately at the moment these devices are only manufactured in camouflage pattern designed to fit in with a leafy or countryside environment.

Is the 3G Outdoor Camouflage Camera completely waterproof?

The device when sealed correctly with be completely weatherproof to IP54 standard, however, we could not guarantee that it would remain watertight if completely immersed in water.

Is the unit provided with anything to attach it to a tree or similar?

A strap is provided to attach the unit to a tree or pole and it has a standard tripod thread un the base should this be of use for mounting.

Will the 3G Outdoor Camouflage Camera record sounds as well as video?

This device will record audio onto video imagery, although this is at a very low level.

How do I playback recorded video, etc?

The video files are recorded onto an inserted SD card and can be played back on a PC or Mac, however, the camera system has an inbuilt screen where recorded footage can also be viewed if required.

Will the device accept any network SIM card?

This unit is unlocked to accept any network SIM card with data transfer capability and should operate in any country worldwide (where network signal is available).

You will need to consider the following to use this product:

  • If you are using the device in an outdoor environment as a surveillance tool, then ‘black’ 940 LED’s make covert outdoor surveillance possible.
  • The device is powered by a minimum of 4 x AA batteries that are NOT supplied with the unit. These are not stocked by Spy Equipment UK, but are available form high street stores and online retailers.
  • The device is not supplied with an SD card as standard, although these are readily available at many high street retail outlets and also online. A 32GB card is available as a cost option (see dropdown menu)
  • You will require a computer on which to playback recordings from these SD card. This can either be Windows or a Mac.
  • Unit is supplied pre-programmed with an active Vodafone network SIM card inside the camera with £10.00 credit on the SIM to enable use of the MMS/Email capability.
  • You must carefully select the correct network for the area in which you wish to deploy to ensure that the device can get a phone signal and therefore make use of the MMS and email capability.
  • You will need a media player on the computer for playback of video. It maybe worthwhile downloading a free media player. We use VLC Media Player at Spy Equipment UK.
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