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ADSL Call Trap

Product Code 4DSL

This is no ordinary ADSL Filter. It contains an integrated digital recording system that enables covert recording of landline telephone calls. Ideal for home or office.

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If you have a internet connection at home or in the office then you will almost certainly have an ADSL filter plugged into your wall socket to ensure that you can surf the Internet and use the landline phone at the same time without causing interference.

If you wish to record your landline calls, then under normal circumstances a recorder of some description would have to be connected to the telephone side of the ADSL filter overtly to achieve calls recording. The ADSL Call Trap captures both sides of any conversation that takes place on the landline to which it is attached. Not only can it record calls on the line, but the Broadband Internet connection can also be used at the same time, so connection to the World Wide Web is not compromised.

It should be noted that the modem socket cannot be used for direct broadband connection and as such the device is best used in a spare ‘live’ wall socket on the same telephone line. Even if the ADSL Call Trap is examined externally, there is nothing that gives away that the phone surveillance device is any more than a standard ADSL unit.

A Leading Professional Landline Recorder

The professional landline recorder has an internal call ‘flash memory’ storage of up to 100 hours. The voice activation recording technology ensures that recording on the line only takes place when there is noise on the line. This means that unless there is a line fault on the line causing noise, recording will only occur when the landline is being used on a call.

The internal rechargeable Li-on battery offers up to 6 months of standby time and up to 20 hours of recording time. The battery can charged by connecting to ADSL Call Trap to a USB power source. Offloading and listening to recorded calls is achieved by connection the unit to the USB port of a computer using the cable that is supplied with the unit. Recordings can be stored on computer and deleted off, if required, to free up memory space on the device.

This type of call recording solution is very secure in that does not produce radio frequencies. Recording of landline calls maybe necessary for protecting your integrity or for recording nuisance calls for evidential purposes. Obviously using a telephone recorder in this way should be on your own phone in your own property.

Can a phone line be connected to the unit in the normal way?

Yes, the phone can be connected to the ADSL Call Trap, but the broadband side of the filter will not serve the broadband line.

What is the broadband socket on the ADSL Call trap used for?

This is used when connecting to the computer to download recorded files.

Where is it best to use the ADSL Call Trap?

The unit is is best plugged into a spare ‘live’ socket on the line that you wish to monitor, maybe a wall socket that is hidden from view.

Does the unit recharge from the telephone line?

No, the ADSL Call Trap has to be connected to a USB computer port to recharge the internal battery, which of course can be done when offloading recorded files.

Will This Device record both sides of the conversation?

Yes, you will be able to hear both sides of the landline conversation on playback.

Is the device silent in operation?

Yes, the device is digital and there are no moving parts or sound alerts that would alert attention.

Do the recordings have a time and date stamp?

There is no time and date reference on the recordings.

Will anybody know that the recorder is on the line?

No, it will not give any indication to any person using the telephone before, during or after use.

Will this work on a Virgin telephone line?

Yes, this can be used with Virgin lines as long as they use the BT style wall plug .

Can this be used on a line let’s say in an office that has some sort of switchboard (PBX system)?

No, unfortunately it can only be used to record on a single standard line connection.

Will this device need charging every day?

Only if the connected landline is making / receiving 5 hours of calls in a day will the battery need a recharge for deployment the following day.

You will need to consider the following to use this equipment:

  • A computer with speakers attached to playback recordings through your Mac, PC or Laptop
  • A media player on the computer for playback of audio files. It maybe worthwhile downloading a free media player. We use VLC Media Player at Spy Equipment UK
  • If you have a spare ‘live’ socket on the same line, then the ADSL Call Trap can be plugged diectly into this
  • Automatic recorder suitable for use on a standard Broadband landline
  • Automatically records both sides calls from attached landline
  • Easy offload of recordings by connecting to a computer
  • Untraceable to counter surveillance sweeping equipment
  • Built-in 100 hour ‘flash’ memory recording system
  • Rechargeable internal lithium ion battery
  • Battery capacity – average 2.5 months standby / 20 hours call recording time
  • Recordings stored in .WAV format
  • ADSL Filter Recording Unit With RJ11 Cable
  • Special USB Offload / Charging Cable
  • Full Product Injstructions