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Landline Recorder Ultimate

Product Code L4NU

The Landline Recorder Ultimate combines the simplicity of use of a classic style recorder, but adds the benefits of voice activation, discreet recording, rechargeable battery with excellent standby / record time as well as time and date stamping of recorded files.

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This landline phone call recorder is designed to be plugged into any ‘live’ socket that services the landline that you wish to monitor. It has certain desirable features that set it apart form other phone recorders in our range such as incorporating a rechargeable long life battery and also its simplicity of use due to its classic styling.

Automatic Call Logging and Recording

This compact digital recorder once connected to the landline and switched to record, will automatically and silently record all calls made and received on that line. There is no need to manually switch into recording mode every time because the recorder will start the recording process in response to sound on the connected telephone line. After the call is complete and there is no further sounds on the line, after a short overrun, the recording process will stop and an audio file for that call will be automatically saved on the internal memory of the unit. This classic landline recorder unit will then go into a sleep or standby mode to await the next activity on the landline to which it is attached.

Time and Date Referenced Recorded Files

Although it is beneficial to have separate files for each recorded call, sometimes this is not enough especially when there is an absolute requirement to have the exact timings as to when a call was made or received as well as the actual recording. This is where the Landline Ultimate differs from other products that we are able offer because it has the ability to reference each separate recording with a time and date stamp. It is important to note that the time and date does not run down through the recording and that it is actually the name for each file, as opposed to being a pure file number.

Rechargeable Inbuilt Battery – Long Deployment Capability

Many telephone recorders, including our own Landline Recorder Pro, rely on changeable batteries for power. The Landline Ultimate has an inbuilt rechargeable lithium battery that has a straight record time of 16 hours (if in continual use) however it has a standby time of up to 70 days, so recording deployment when relying on the rechargeable battery is a combination of the two figures. It is also possible to keep the unit live by connecting the device to the mans power supply using the supplied USB connection lead. If this is done the unit can remain permanently switched on and ready to record.

Massive Internal Recording Memory – Password Protected

The Landline Recorder Ultimate offers the largest recording memory of any product that we currently sell. The 8GB memory is able to store up to 1040 hours of recording when set in Long Play mode. Even in PCM mode, full CD quality recording) which isn’t required for landline use, the memory can still accommodate up to 48 hours of recorded files. If you are worried about unauthorised access of the recorded conversations, then the Ultimate unit should offer peace of mind due to it password protection facility.

Voice Emphasis Sound Filtering Technology

An impressive feature of this phone monitoring and recording unit is the ability to filter out unwanted noise. The sophisticated firmware automatically reduces low band noise whilst enhancing sounds for frequencies that are deemed to be in the range of the human voice. This features means that speech recorded during a phone call will take precedence over background noise. It is common for each side of a telephone conversation to have different recording levels and more often than not there is a difference between speech levels on a cell phone when compared to a landline telephone. The filtering technology helps to balance this a little making for easier interpretation when listening back to call recordings.

Multiple Playback Options for Recordings

Listening back to recordings can be achieved through the supplied earphones, through the internal speaker of the of the unit or by connecting to a Windows, Mac or Linux computer and using a media player to play back recorded audio. The recorder supports MP3, WAV and WMA audio file formats, so no special software is required for listening back to recordings through a computer. A USB lead is supplied for connecting in this way and of course for charging the internal battery. In addition to be used as a landline recorder this device can be used as a standalone dictation or room surveillance recorder, achieving a listening radius of up to 7 metres.

This versatile unit has to be one to consider for gathering intelligence and information from either a landline or from a general audio room surveillance situation. The comprehensive features of the device, especially the time and date file referencing ensure that from an audio evidence perspective, the recordings have more credibility.

  • Fantastic classic style of landline recorder – simple to use intuitive controls and compact in size
  • Large inbuilt 8GB of flash memory storage : 4 folders(A,B,C,D), 999 files per folder (no need for an SD card)
  • Four recording modes: 48 hours/PCM (CD quality), 130 hours/HQ (high quality), 260 hours/SP (standard play), 1040 hours/LP (long play)
  • Noise filtering: LCF (low band noise removal), Voice (voice band emphasis) and Normal modes
  • Automatic Recording Level Control (ALC) – supports MP3, WAV, WMA playback
  • Playback speed control, section repeat, intro play and delete files through device operating system
  • In-built high quality speaker and set of earphones supplied for playback without connection to computer
  • Time and Date reference for each recorded file – ideal for evidential purposes
  • Maintain integrity of recordings: password protection feature to prevent unauthorised playback and offload of recorded files
  • Power: rechargeable lithium polymer battery (DC 3.7V, 300mA) built-in or take power from computer USB or use USB mains adapter (optional extra)
  • SVOS (Super Voice Operated System) : sound detection standby for max. 70 days in this mode or 16 hours straight recording
  • No special software required – USB 2.0 hi-speed up/down load / Plug-in and Playback
  • Compatible with Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 and 10 / Mac OS X and Linux
  • Compact Dimensions: 92.5mm x 32.5mm x 15.5mm – only 36 grammes
  • Included in package: USB Cable, earphones, clip on microphone, audio connection cable and manual of operation

What period of time can the Ultimate unit record for?

This recorder will operate between 16 hours and 70 days (straight record time and standby time) after a full charge of the internal battery when connected to a landline, although it can stay live permanently when powered from the mains.

Is the Ultimate Landline Recorder completely silent and discreet in operation?

Yes, the device is a digital recorder and as such there are no moving parts. In addition the product produces no sound alerts that would attract attention.

Do the recordings have a time and date stamp?

Each recorded file can have a time and date reference. This is in fact the file name. There is no actual time countdown as the file plays./p>

Will anybody know that the recorder is on the line?

No, contrary to popular belief, there will be no indication to any person using the telephone before, during or after use that the recorder is connected.

What if I have Broadband on the line? Can I still use the recorder?

You can still use the recorder and you should plug the supplied telephone connection lead into a ADSL filter otherwise the internet connection may be affected and the recorder will not work as it should.

Does this recorder have to be plugged into the same wall socket that the telephone connected to?

No, it can be plugged into any available ‘live and working’ BT style wall socket that serves the same landline number within the remises, so it maybe that there is a spare socket in a bedroom that is normally unused, but ‘live’ and available for connection of the recorder.

Will this work on a Virgin telephone line?

Yes, this can be used with Virgin lines as long as they use the BT style wall plug.

How can the recordings be played back?

Recordings can be played back through supplied earphones, the inbuilt speaker or through computer speakers after the recorded files have been transferred to a PC.

Can this be used on a line let’s say in an office that has some sort of switchboard (PBX system)?

No, unfortunately it can only be used to record on a single standard line connec

You will need to consider the following to use this equipment:

  • If there is Broadband on the connected landline you will need an ADSL Filter in between the supplied connector and the telephone wall socket. We do not supply this.
  • This device cannot be used to make landline recordings on PABX multiline/switchboard telephone systems.
  • This unit has a an internal 300mAH rechargeable battery. No disposable batteries are required.
  • The unit can be charged/powered from a mains power outlet. See options menu for USB Wall Charger.
  • If you do not wish to use the internal speaker or earphones to playback files, you will need a Windows PC, Mac or Linux computer that has a free USB port and speakers attached (or built in.
  • A media player on the computer for playback of audio files. It maybe worthwhile downloading a free media player. We use VLC Media Player at Spy Equipment UK