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Landline Recorder Pro

Product Code L4NP

The Landline Recorder Pro is comprised of a mini digital voice recorder that has an incredibly long battery-powered standby time mated with a UK landline recording adapter that can automatically record both sides of telephone calls from the landline to which it is connected

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This phone recorder can be plugged into any available ‘live’ and working socket on the landline that you wish to monitor and after it has been switched to record, the digital recorder will automatically record call after call onto the large internal memory of the device. Easy to set up and deploy, this classic style call recording solution will work away in complete discretion without any fuss.

Automatic Call Recording

The digital call recorder has sound activation facility that can monitor the connected landline for calls being made or received. This means that each and every time the landline phone handset is picked up or an incoming call is detected on the line, the recorder will silently activate to start the recording process. The SVOS (super voice operated system) will complete the recording process without the LCD readout coming on. Each call is saved in a separate file (with a maximum of 999 files in a folder – 4 available folders). There is an overrun on the recording process where the recorder will listen for further activity on the line, but if no further speech is detected, then the recording process will stop, the file will be saved and the recorder will go into power saving sleep mode. The overrun process is designed to ensure that no separate file is created when there is a natural break in the phone conversation.

Exceptional Battery Saving Technology

Our previous models of classic style landline recorders always suffered from limited battery life when powered from the internal AAA batteries, however this recorder really breaks records when it comes to conserving battery power for when recording is taking place. In straight recording mode a standard set of alkaline batteries (2 supplied) will last for a total of 24 hours. Set the unit to SVOS mode and when not recording the device will enter deep sleep mode awaiting noise to wake up. When connected to a telephone line this means the recorder has an almost unbelievable 200 day standby time.

Ample Memory Storage – Security Protected

The Landline Recorder Pro has a built in 4GB recording memory storage that is divided up into 4 folders, each able to store a total of 999 separate recorded files. The recorder has 4 grades of recording quality, although because standard landline call quality is far from perfect, the Landline Pro will only need to be set to either the HQ or LP modes that will provide a total storage capacity of 130 or 260 hours. The largest capacity option would provide a capacity of 8 hours of call recording per day for an incredible total of 32.5 days. If interference with recorded files is a worry, then the password protection feature will be sure to provide peace of mind by ensuring the integrity of the recordings

Sound Filtering Technology

An impressive feature of this landline recorder is the ability to filter out unwanted noise. The sophisticated system in this phone monitoring device automatically dumbs down low band noise whilst enhancing voice band sounds. This ensures that speech recorded during a phone call will take prominence over background noise. It is common for each side of a landline conversation to have different recording levels. There is invariably a difference between speech levels on a mobile as opposed to a landline phone. The filtering technology helps to compensate for this which of course will make for easier interpretation when listening back to call recordings.

Suitable for Windows, Mac and Linux Systems

The Recorder Pro records in the commonly used MP3, WAV and WMA audio file formats. This ensures cross compatibility with most available computer media players. The Landline Pro is designed to work with all modern Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. The package is supplied together with USB cable for offloading and playback files onto computer. There is a small inbuilt speaker and a set of earphones for private listening to recordings if required. In addition to landline call recording, this unit can be used without the landline connection lead connected to make standalone recordings, ideal for audio room surveillance or recording of meetings.

  • High quality compact digital audio recorder with UK style telephone line call recording adapter
  • Totally silent in operation when recording – no giveaway indication on the telephone line
  • Automatic call recording process – separate file for each recorded call
  • Super Voice Operated System switches LCD screen to covert mode for discreet recording
  • Incredibly long operational battery power standby time of up to 200 days when using SVOS mode and connected to a landline (110 days as a standalone recorder)
  • Device will record a separate file for each recording event – Up to 999 files per folder (4 available folders)
  • Inbuilt 4GB flash memory storage providing a maximum capacity of up to 260 hours (in long play mode
  • Recording modes – Best quality (PCM): 24 hours, HQ: 65 hours, SP: 130 hours and LP: 260 hours
  • Adjustable microphone voice activation sensitivity (3 modes) – Noise Filtering (low band noise removal and voice band emphasis)
  • Built-in sensitive microphone plus additional external wired microphone – Can record standard speech level sound within an 8 metre radius (room recording)
  • Automatic sound level control – Playback speed control, Section repeat, and Scan play
  • Password feature to block the playback and PC connection by unwanted individuals
  • File recovery : Recorded file is saved even if battery becomes discharged during recording process
  • Can record while powered through PC USB or USB AC adaptor or external (optional battery pack) without draining battery
  • Power : DC1.5V, “AAA” Alkaline x 2 included – straight recording battery life of around 24 hours (200 days pure standby in SVOS mode via built in microphone)
  • Completely compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems
  • Compact recorder dimensions: 31(W) x 90(H) X 16(D)mm – Weight: 34g without battery (landline adapter lead is separate)
  • USB Cable, Earphone, Wired Microphone, Telephone adapter (US style), Audio Cable, Batteries and Instruction Manual included in package

Will This Device record both sides of the call conversation?

Yes, you will be able to hear both sides of the landline conversation on playback.

How long will the device record for?

The device will operate between 24 hours and 200 days (straight record time and standby time) when deployed with standard AAA alkaline Batteries. There are additional extras available that extend the operation time, such as the battery pack, or the mains wall adapter.

Is the device totally silent and discreet in operation?

Yes, the device is digital and there are no moving parts or sound alerts that would alert attention and the screen will stay blank in SVOS mode.

Do the recordings have a time and date stamp?

The recordings are only numbered. There is no time and date reference on the recordings, but be assured that each call will create a separate file.

Will anybody know that the recorder is on the line?

No, it will not give any indication to any person using the telephone before, during or after use.

What if I have Broadband on the line?

You will need to plug the supplied telephone connection lead into a ADSL filter otherwise the internet connection may be affected and the recorder will not work as it should.

Does this recorder have to be plugged into the same line that the telephone connected to?

No, it can be plugged into any available ‘live and working’ BT style wall socket that is on the same landline number.

Will this work on a Virgin telephone line?

Yes, this can be used with Virgin lines as long as they use the BT style wall plug.

How can the recordings be played back?

Recordings can be played back through supplied earphones, the inbuilt speaker or through computer speakers after the recorded files have been transferred to a PC.

Can this be used on a line let’s say in an office that has some sort of switchboard (PBX system)?

No, unfortunately it can only be used to record on a single standard line connection.

You will need to consider the following to use this equipment:

  • You will need an ADSL Filter if there is Broadband on the connected landline.
  • This device cannot be used to make landline recordings on PABX multiline/switchboard telephone systems.
  • 2 x AAA alkaline batteries are included with the product as standard. It is possible to use Lithium Ion AAA cells for increased performance or rechargeable alternatives.
  • The optional external battery pack Requires 4 x AA alkaline batteries (not supplied)
  • A Windows PC, Mac or Linux computer that has a free USB port and speakers attached (or built in) if wishing to playback recordings.
  • A media player on the computer for playback of audio files. It maybe worthwhile downloading a free media player. We use VLC Media Player at Spy Equipment UK