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Android Spectre Spy Phone Software

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Android Spectre is a superb spy phone software designed for monitoring mobile phones that use the Android operating system (NOT for iPhone). Completely discreet and packed with desirable features it is easy to see why this has become the preferred choice for our customers.

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Android Spectre software is often the perfect solution for monitoring someone’s daily activity if they have an Android mobile phone that they carry with them everywhere that they go.

If you are worried about the safety of your child, an elderly relative or maybe you suspect that one of your employees is using the company mobile phone for illegal activity, then this spy phone software could be the answer. Now with added short term purchase options!

Wide Range of Monitoring Features

This software offers more totally discreet monitoring features than our other spy software applications. You will be sent details and recordings of all phone calls, text messages (SMS) including message content, photographs taken by the phone, GPS locations of the phone every 30 minutes or when phone is rebooted (network location if no GPS available). You will be notified when the phone is switched on or off and of any new applications downloaded onto the phone. * On top of all this the software has the ability to capture incoming notifications, photos and alerts from WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber and Skype (these notifications normally show at the top of the phone screen as a shortened message when another application is open).

Remote Control On-demand Surveillance

There are certain monitoring features that can be requested on-demand by SMS. Request to switch on the microphone to record what is going on around the phone for 5 minutes, request the current GPS location, get the monitored handset to take a photo using the ‘Selfie’ front facing camera, get a photo captured by the rear facing camera, remotely turn the WiFi on or force the mobile data to turn on (this last feature does not work on devices running Android Lollipop). The On-demand SMS commands do require that an actual text message to be sent to the monitored phone ending with a specific number of blank spaces depending upon which task is being requested. The fact that there are spaces at the end of the text message ensures that the process is discreet.

Fast Installation – Simple to Use

Android Spectre software is sent to customers via email after purchase, so there is no waiting for a physical package to be sent to your address. Installation is very easy and is just a matter of getting hold of the handset on which you wish to install the software for only five minutes. You will of course need to know the screen lock password to install the spy software onto the phone. This surveillance software works in a different way to the other mobile phone monitoring products that we offer. There is no web monitoring panel, no third parties involved and no need to remember new login details. Android Spectre simply sends the data that it gathers to an email address of your choice, which means that you can get information as it happens ‘on the move’ (subject to you setting up the email address on your phone). The software application itself is discreetly hidden in the Android operating system apps which means it really is almost impossible to detect.

Intelligent Operation

The mobile phone being monitored may not always have Internet coverage, but this does not mean that the software will not still be able to monitor the phone activity. The software intelligently gathers the data and stores it discreetly on the phones internal memory and then uploads the information at a later time when it is again connected to the Internet. After captured data has been sent to the specified email address the application will then automatically delete the information from the phone memory. The software has been thoroughly tested on Android OS 2.3/4.1/4.2/4.3/4.4 and lollipop 5X. The software is NOT designed for iPhone devices.

3, 6 ,12 or 24 Month Licence Options

The software is designed to monitor one Android phone handset. A purchase of this software entitles you to monitor unlimited data on the installed handset for a period of 3, 6 or 12 months from the purchase date, dependant upon your purchase choice. On 3 month and 6 month licence options we cannot provide the facility to move the software over to another handset after it has been installed. If you select a 12 or 24 month licence, then you are entitled to one transfer of the software – removal from first installed handset and re-installation on a different handset (You would have to contact the Spy Equipment UK office to arrange this).

If you wish to continue using the software after the initial 3, 6, 12 or 24 month period, then this will require a further licence purchase. It is of course possible to extend the licence for a longer period than you initial purchase option, so for example if you initially chose a 3 month licence and wanted to extend this licence for a further 6 or 12 months, then this is certainly an available option.

Please Note

* It is important to note that when the phone is actually in the application (Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, etc. then these alerts, notifications will not show on the phone, so the software therefore will be unable to capture the information. And the software will only be able to capture the actual text shown on the alert, which may be a shortened / cut-off version of a longer message.

Spy Equipment UK cannot be held responsible for any data loss due uninstallation of Android Spectre from the handset. Spy Equipment UK cannot be held responsible for access and operation of the email address that a customer has set up for monitoring. Although Android Spectre in test has been found to be extremely reliable, Spy Equipment UK cannot guarantee that 100 percent of data captured will be sent to the monitoring email address.

  • Superb spy phone software for use on all handsets using Android operating system (handsets include Nexus, Motorola Sony, One Plus One, Most HTC and Samsung and LG)
  • Install in less than 5 minutes – very simple to set up and use
  • Incoming and outgoing calls – get call information data (including phone numbers) and a call recording
  • Incoming and outgoing text messages – get SMS information (including phone numbers) and the content of text message
  • GPS Locations – get a GPS location every 30 minutes and when phone is rebooted. Get  approximate ‘Network’ locations when no GPS is available and receive a current location map
  • Incoming notification alerts – Get incoming notifications for Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Viber and Skype – shortened version of message shown (only when app is not being used)
  • Power on/Off – receive notification when phone being powered on and off
  • New Applications – receive details when any new Apps are downloaded onto the monitored handset
  • Photographs taken by handset – receive copies of any new photos snapped by the monitored phone
  • Remote Photo Control – By coded SMS command request a photo to be taken using the monitored handset’s front or rear facing cameras
  • Remote room recording – By coded SMS command switch on the microphone of the monitored phone and obtain a 5 minute recording (record environment surrounding the phone)
  • Remote WiFi Activation – By coded SMS command switch on the WiFi on the Monitored handset
  • Remote Mobile Data Switch On – By coded SMS command force the mobile data to be switched on (will not currently work on devices running Android Lollipop)
  • No monitoring panel required – all monitored data is sent to a valid email address chosen by the customer
  • Tested on the following Android operating systems: 2.3/4.1/4.2/4.3/4.4, 5x and Mashmallow 6X
  • Purchase of software licence is valid for 3, 6, 12 or 24 months with unlimited data – currently not transferable to another handset on 3 and 6 month options
  • Licence renewal available (at additional cost) to continue monitoring after expiry of initial 3, 6, 12 or 24 month licence

Can I download the software onto my phone so that I can remote monitor another phone that I choose?

No, the software will need to be downloaded onto the phone that you wish to monitor and this will need to be an Android OS handset.

Is there any way that the software can be sent to the Android handset and automatically installed without having to touch the phone?

Currently it is not possible to send the software to the phone that you wish to monitor. You will need physical access to the handset to install.

Can I monitor more than one phone handset with this software

Each software purchase enables only ONE handset to be monitored for a 3, 6, 12 or 24 month period. You have the option to transfer the software to another Android handset if you have purchased the 12 or 24 month licence options.

Can I download the software onto the target phone if I do not know the screen lock password or pattern?

No, you will need know the password/pattern or have access to the phone when the screen lock is already been passed.

After the software has been installed, will the phone user be aware that something is running in the background?

The software is very discreet and the are no alerts or notifications that will alert the attention of the user.

Won’t there be evidence on the monitored phone’s bill?

The software uses the data connection to communicate information out. A complete data breakdown is never evident on a bill, so the user will only see that they have used a certain amount of data that is within their monthly allocation. When a WiFi connection is used to send out data, then this will never figure in any way on the bill.

Is there an app icon that would alert the attention of the phone user?

Although the software is an App., it never shows in the screen app tray, but appears as one that would seem to be part of the normal operating system. It is very discreet.

If the phone user does a security wipe / factory reset, would the software keep working?

The spy software would be wiped off if the phone user conducted a security wipe of the monitored handset.

You will need to consider the following to use this software:

  • This software is for Android phones only and WILL NOT work on any version of an iPhone. Unfortunately NO refund can be given if software has already been produced for the specific order.
  • The software can only be installed on Android Phones with operating systems Gingerbread or later (2.3/4.1/4.2/4.3/4.4 and Lollipop 5x).
  • You will need ready access to a working email address that you state in the order to view monitored data.
  • The Android Phone on which the software is eventually installed MUST have a data connection (mobile data or WiFi) so that monitored information can be sent out to the email address.
  • You will need to know the screen lock password / pattern or have access to the phone with the screen lock off to
  • No physical item or information is sent to customers by post or courier. All details are sent via email to the email address that is provided during the ordering process.
  • You only have the option to transfer the software (once) if you purchase the 12 or 24 month licences.
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