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This is a pocket size mini bug hunter/detector, which can detect most commonly used wireless transmitters and wireless video cameras secretly that may have been secretly installed at your home or some other place that you may frequently visit.

A quick simple scan will detect frequencies ranging between 1Mhz and 6Ghz that are transmitting in the area of detection. The most common bugs such as FM, UHF and GSM bugs and 2.4GHz wireless transmitting spy cameras operate within this range of frequencies.

This device is not made as a professional bug detector and is less sensitive that our more sophisticated devices, but it is a great base unit for where the threat from eavesdropping is lower and it is ideal to test for devices is the vicinity when previously there were none. If you require a more comprehensive analysis of radio frequencies in operation in an area, then it is advised that one of the more expensive devices in this category or the professional category should be considered.

  • Small and neat device that fits in your pocket
  • Built in speaker and earphones for audio frequency confirmation
  • Simple to use straight out of the box
  • Detects frequencies ranging between 1Mhz and 6Ghz
  • Powered by standard AAA batteries available from many high street stores
  • This device does have audio confirmation to assist in identifying differing types of detected frequency 
  • Batteries are supplied as part of package and the item will be tested with these batteries prior to shipping

You will need to consider the following to use this equipment

  • You will need to have the ability to switch off all equipment transmitting radio frequencies in the area in which you use the product
  • This product is capable of picking up on radio station broadcast transmissions 
  • If you are conducting a professional counter surveillance sweep then you must look at more sophisticated devices in our specialist bug detection category
  • batteries supplied do not form part of the normal 12 month product warranty agreement 

Can this detect all bugs?

The Anti Spy Detector has a frequency that allows it to pick up on commonly used frequencies for radio transmitting bugs.

Will it pick up 3G signals?

This unit is not able to identify 3G transmitting units.

Will the device pick up on signals that are not from bugging devices?

Yes, the Anti Spy Detector will pick up on transmissions from radio stations, WiFi and many other friendly signals

Where is is best used?

This is mainly as a personal device that will detect when a frequency is detected in an area where all transmitting devices should already be switched off, or in an area where the user previously did not detect.

Could this be used to do a professional bug sweep?

No, a counter surveillance professional will use a number of more comprehensive and sophisticated bug hunters

Can the Anti Spy Detector detect voice recorders?

No, voice recorders do not transmit any radio frequency and so these cannot be detected.

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