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Bug Detector – Combo

Product Code COM8

The Bug Detector Combo combines a radio frequency scanner and spy camera finder (lens detection facility) in one unit. This device is the ideal product for giving peace of mind for an environment, such as in the home or office where the surveillance intrusion level is not especially high.

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The Bug Detector Combo package combines the benefits of a frequency scanner to detect the most commonly used wireless audio and video transmitters, a spy camera detector, which can be used to find very discreet or seemingly hidden camera lenses and a magnetic field probe – ideal for finding magnetic tracking devices.

Frequency Detection Scan Functionality

A quick simple scan will detect frequencies ranging between 1Mhz and 8Ghz that are transmitting in the area of detection. The most common bugs such as FM, UHF, GSM and WiFi bugs, also 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz wireless transmitting spy cameras operate within this range of frequencies. Simply switch on, adjust the sensitivity, scan the environment and get visual indication of strength of any signal picked up by the device (friendly or hostile) on the multi-coloured LED dial display.

Good Sensitivity – Nicely Put Together

For a reasonably priced bug detection combination unit this product is certainly well made with an ABS plastic case and sturdy antenna. The controls are very easy to understand and have a good quality feel for the price. Many lower priced bug detectors are cheaply made and have poor sensitivity, but this unit has very good sensitivity, which as previously stated is adjustable, making it more usable, especially when using in a built-up area such as in a city where there is a high volume of ambient signals.

Perfect for Lower Threat Scenarios

This device is not designed as a top-of-the-range bug detector used by counter surveillance professionals and as such is less sophisticated than our more advanced/expensive devices. However, it is a great frequency scanning unit for where the threat from eavesdropping is lower and it is ideal to test for devices is the vicinity when previously there were none.

Spy Camera Detection System

It is commonly misunderstood that the only way to detect bugging devices is to use some radio frequency scanning equipment, although certain devices do not emit signals and therefore cannot be detected by this method. The integrated lens detector will root out both wireless and wired cameras because it can highlight the actual lens of the camera to the user as opposed to detecting a radio frequency transmission.

Illuminates Hidden Lenses Using Reflected Light

Its function is based on the principle of optical augmentation. This technical jargon refers to the phenomenon where light reflected from a focused optical system such as a video camera is reflected along the same path as the incident light. This means that if a hidden camera is illuminated and viewed with the Spy Camera Finder technology, then a strong reflection from the target camera will reveal its position to the user.

High Power and Adjustable Flashing LED Lights

The Spy Camera Finder exploits this phenomenon by using a ring of eight ultra-bright LED’s arranged around a viewing port. When a user scans a room looking through the viewing port a hidden camera appearing in the field of view will brightly reflect the light from the LED’s, showing up as a bright pin-prick of light. This unit has adjustable speed settings for the flashing LED lights, which can assist in making different types of lens easier to find.

Additional Magnetic Field Probe

The Bug Detector Combo is unique in our range of counter surveillance devices in that it is the first to have an additional magnetic field probe. The add-on takes the form of a detachable 42cm long flexible probe with an LED on the end. When the probe end enters a localised magnetic field the Bug Detector Combo unit sounds off and the LED probe end lights up brighter. This extra feature is the ideal solution for detecting magnetic tracking devices that are attached to the underside of a vehicle being examined.

  • Small and neat hand-held device with multiple counter surveillance functions
  • Well designed and made decent quality materials
  • Built in speaker for audio frequency confirmation
  • Uncomplicated functionality – easy to use straight out of the box
  • Detects frequencies ranging between 1Mhz and 8Ghz
  • Adjustable sensitivity knob, ideal for differing ambient signal environments
  • Multi-colour LED display dial showing signal strength detected and frequency of detection
  • Audio confirmation and vibration alert – assist in frequency detection alerts
  • Integral lithium ion rechargeable battery – 8-10 hours use on a full charge
  • Physical detection system for identifying camera lenses
  • Circle of 8 bright LED lights with projection range of approximately 10 metres plus
  • variable flash rate switching for LED lights – 4 speeds
  • Additional magnetic filed detection probe – ideal for locating under-vehicle magnetic tracking devices
  • Supplied with standard USB charging lead – battery charge time of 3 hours
  • Size including Antenna: 220 x 60 x 21mm (Length is 140mm without antenna)

Can this product detect all bugs?

The Spy Bug Finder has a frequency range that allows it to pick up on commonly used frequencies for radio transmitting bugs including GSM, UHF< FM, WiFi, Bluetooth devices.

Will it pick up 3G and 4G signals?

This unit is able to identify all mobile phone based transmissions including 3G and 4G transmitting units.

Will the device pick up on signals that are not from bugging devices?

Yes, the Spy Bug Finder will pick up on transmissions from radio stations, WiFi and many other friendly signals

Where is is best used?

This cannot be classed as a professional bug detector, but it s more than capable of detecting all commonly used bugs, so perfect for use in the home or in a small office.

Could this be used to do a professional bug sweep?

No, a counter surveillance professional will use a number of more comprehensive and sophisticated bug hunters. Please see our Specialist Bug Detector section.

Can the Bug Detector Combo detect voice recorders?

No, voice recorders do not transmit any radio frequency and so these cannot be detected.

How does the spy camera detection system work?

The flashing red LED lights will show a tiny pinprick reflection from the centre of the camera lens.

Will this be able to identify wireless cameras?

The integrated spy camera finder is for all cameras, wired or wireless.

Will the red LED’s only reflect back from camera lenses?

No, there will be a reflection from all shiny surfaces, although with a little practice it is easy to identify what is a lens and what is just a standard shine back from a polished surface.

Will the magnetic detection probe be capable of picking up all tracking devices?

No, the probe only detects a magnetic field so will alert when it picks up any magnetic item

  • You will need to have the ability to switch off all equipment transmitting radio frequencies in the area in which you use the product
  • This product is capable of picking up on radio station broadcast transmissions
  • If you are conducting a professional counter surveillance sweep then you must look at more sophisticated devices in our specialist bug detection category
  • This product is capable of detecting both friendly and hostile transmissions. No bug detector can automatically differentiate between the two, so a process of elimination will have to be conducted in relation to any strong local signals that are picked up
  • The lens detector system is purely for physically detecting camera lenses. If conducting a comprehensive counter surveillance sweep then you will need a number of other pieces of equipment.
  • The spy camera finder LED’s can often show up other reflections that could give the impression that there is a camera lens where it is seen. It is always recommended that a physical inspection is used to confirm any suspect reflections using the device.