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  • Bug Hunter Professional (PRO6000GSM)

    The PRO6000GSM is one of our professional highly sophisticated Pocket Bug Detectors. It features the very latest digital technology and its wide scanning range ensures that it is suited to locating most hidden transmitting devices.

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    The PRO6000GSM is one of our range of our highly sophisticated handheld bug detectors providing a counter surveillance sweep capability that means that is categorised in our ‘professional’ section.

    It features the very latest digital technology and is particularly suited to locating hidden devices such as GPS trackers, GSM (mobile phone) based bugging devices such as ‘ghost’ phones as well as all other conventional ‘bugging’ devices. It now features a mammoth 0 to 6000 MHz (6 GHz) Frequency range as well as increased sensitivity to ensure that even the most sophisticated devices can be located. Such devices include miniature room bugs, mains powered bugs, telephone bugs, video transmitters, mobile telephones, GPS trackers, walkie-talkies etc.

    A 10 LED bargraph display indicates signal strength along with an audio tone, enabling you to pin point the transmitter precisely. If you wish to check for transmitters without alerting others the PRO6000GSM can be set to vibrate mode. If any signals are detected the unit will pulse vibrate silently, allowing you to keep it concealed on your person, in a jacket pocket, for example. Once you have located a suspect signal using the PRO6000GSM by simply attaching the supplied headphones you can use the ‘Demodulation’ facility to identify whether the suspect device is transmitting any audio such as that from a bugging device microphone or a telephone bug transmitter.

    A special feature of the PRO6000GSM is the Digital ‘Peak Pulse’ detector giving it the ability to locate modern devices that only transmit momentarily and are therefore easily missed using conventional bug detectors. Such devices include Trackers and GSM based devices where a data ‘Burst’ signal or SMS (text messages for example) are sent occasionally. The PRO6000GSM will alert you if a device has transmitted within the vicinity even for just a fraction of a second.

    This combination of features add up to making the PRO6000GSM an excellent handheld Bug Detector, surpassing even many larger so called ‘professional’ devices on the market.

    • Highly sophisticated handheld professional bug detector
    • Digital and Analogue signal Detection
    • 0 to 6GHz Wide frequency response
    • High Sensitivity to locate the weakest signals
    • Clear 10 LED bargraph display showing signal strength
    • Audible Signal strength ‘Beep’
    • Digital ‘Burst’ Signal Detection for short data busrt or SMS transmitters
    • Audio Demodulation (for ease of detecting transmission type)
    • Silent Vibrate mode (for discreet counter surveillance sweeps)
    • Detachable semi rigid antenna and flexible types supplied

    Will this device find all radio frequency bugs?

    The PRO6000 unit has a wide frequency range, up to 6.0GHz, has burst bug alert and is designed to pick up most commonly available bugs that operate in this frequency range. It is the standard handheld unit that is recommended for the home or office where the threat is considered to be medium.

    Can the PRO6000 unit detect voice recorders?

    No, voice recorders to not transmit a frequency and therefore cannot be detected by RF detection equipment. A Non-Linear Junction Detector is the only type of device that can detect this type of bugging device. This is why physical search is paramount.

    Can the PRO6000 detect wireless cameras?

    This product is able to detect wireless cameras that transmit on 1.2GHz and has a dedicated 2.4GHz range, but does not cover the rare 5.8GHz wireless cameras. it is not sensitive enough to detect RF from 3G camera units. If 3G cameras are a viable threat then a unit that focuses on 3G signals is required.

    Can I hear through the device when an audio bug is detected?

    The PRO6000 does have audio demodulation, so this is possible if an analogue bug is detected.

    Will the PRO6000 easily detect tracking devices?

    It is possible to use this product to identify tracker transmissions especially because it has a burst bug detection facility. We do offer other devices with burst bug detection or dedicated GSM/3G ranges that are more focused on signals from tracking devices that transmit in data bursts.

    You will need to consider the following to use this equipment:

    • If using a bug detector for the first time it is advisable to test the unit in various ‘friendly environments’ to become conversant with the functionality
    • It is advised that a user should have a reasonable knowledge of frequency bands used by common and professional bugging devices as well as everyday transmitting equipment to use this product effectively
    • No bug detector can detect all types of bugging device. Some spy and surveillance equipment such as recording devices and most spy cameras do not transmit radio frequencies. As a result other equipment should be considered as well as backing up a RF sweep with a physical search
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