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European 6-Gang Mains Recorder (Time-Date)

Product Code EUR3

Now With Time/Date Stamp – This is a fully functioning mains powered European 6-Gang plug extension lead with a built-in sound-activated recording system that is completely concealed. This is a perfect long term audio surveillance solution for home or office.

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This is a fully functioning mains powered European 6-Gang mains adapter with a built-in sound-activated recording system that is completely concealed. This voice recorder is the perfect long term audio surveillance solution for home or office.

All Extension Sockets Function – Discreet Design

The mains Euro 6-Gang adapter is fully functional and as such can power six Euro-style mains-powered devices, whilst at the same time undertake covert room recording. The device has no internal battery back up, so when it is not plugged into a ‘live’ mains socket, the recording feature will not be functional. There are no obvious external signs that this extension lead is anything but a standard unit. This is because the recording system is hidden completely out of sight and can only be accessed by unscrewing and opening up the extension lead to reveal it.

Time and Date Feature – Voice Activation

The recording system is always set to voice activation mode and the inbuilt microphone has an excellent sensitivity, giving up to 7 metre pick up radius for normal speech. The recording system gives no indication either visually or audibly that recording has started/stopped and is therefore totally discreet. The recording software will record up to 999 separate files.

In some environments where there are short regular bursts of noise, the number of files may be used up before the memory capacity of the micro SD card inside the recorder has been used. This new updated version now has a time and date reference feature for the recorded files, which when set mens that each recorded file has a time/date stamp, making it easier to identify when certain recorded events actually took place.

Simple Plug and Record Technology

The bugging device unit is fitted internally with a micro SD card recording system that will take up to a 32GB micro SD card, although as standard a 8GB micro SD card is supplied pre-installed anyway. The recording system is completely hidden within the unit. Starting recording is simply a matter of plugging the 6-Gang extension into a ‘live’ mains socket.

Recording will commence in response to sound in the environment in which it is placed, so when there is no sound in the environment, the recording will stop and store the last recorded file onto the micro SD card within. There are no external or internal switches, so stopping the recording system can only be achieved by disconnecting the adapter from the mains power or switching the mains power off at the socket.

Playback Audio on Windows or Mac Computer

To change the micro SD card the body of the adapter needs to be opened up (unscrewed) whilst it is disconnected from the power. This is a very simple operation and can be undertaken by even a complete novice. Battery power has previously been a major limiting fact with mains recorders, but this latest unit is the ideal solution for completely discreet long term voice recording.

Recordings can be played back from the SD card on a computer (Windows or Mac). It is a good idea to ensure that the computer has a good set of speakers for ease of listening.

  • Fully functional European 6-Gang plug extension (will power other devices plugged into it)
  • Very clever build ensuring that externally there really is nothing that will cause suspicion
  • Totally discreet operation – no sounds, no lights
  • Recording time only limited by the size of SD card that you choose
  • Excellent quality of sound recording – easily make out what has been said
  • Microphone pick up range of approximately 6 to 7 metres
  • Now with time/date for each recorded file – relies on a small internal battery that needs charging every 2 to 3 months
  • Internal SD card recording system – maximum of 32Gb capacity (up to 999 separate recorded files)
  • Supplied with 8GB micro SD Card as standard (upgrade is selectable from menu)
  • Each sound activated recording is saved on a separate file
  • Sound activated recording system provides and intelligent operation meaning no recordings where there is no sound
  • Effective and very simple to use – ‘plug and play’ operation
  • Play back recordings on a Windows or Mac computer – no special software is required. Recordings are in .WAV format
  • Save and store files on computer, CD or maybe even email them if required
  • A micro SD to USB card reader is supplied to make transfer to you computer fuss free

Will this work as a standard 6-way EU style mains plug adapter?

Yes, it will power devices plugged into it whilst working as a listening device. All 6 sockets can be used.

What is the recording radius of this device?

This device will record voices clearly within a 6 Metre radius.

Will the recorder still work if it is unplugged from the mains power supply?

No, the unit has no back up battery, so recording will stop when disconnected.

Is there a time and date stamp on the recordings?

Yes, there is now a time and date feature which means that each recorded file has a time/date stamp, but this requires initial setup on a Windows computer.

How can the recordings be played back and listened to?

The Euro Adapter has a number of screws that hold the device together as one unit. When these are unscrewed the adapter then splits into two parts and this gives access to the micro SD card. This can be popped out, connected to a computer via SD card reader and the recordings can then be transferred / played back on the computer through the media player.

Can the voice activation facility be turned off?

No, the device is designed as standard to have voice (sound) activation. It always will be set to this mode.

How many hours of recorded audio will I be able to get on an SD card?

The unit as standard is supplied with a 2GB SD card. This has capacity for up to 36 hours of recorded audio. The device will accept cards up to 32GB. A card of this maximum size will store up to 576 hours of recorded audio.

You will need to consider the following to use this equipment:

  • You will need a suitable screwdriver (philips style is preferable) to open up the device giving access to the micro SD card within
  • The product requires a suitable powered mains outlet to power the product
  • You will need a computer with speakers attached if wishing to playback recordings through your PC or Laptop
  • The recently added time/date feature relies on a small internal battery that needs charging every 2 to 3 months
  • You will require media player on the computer for playback of audio files. It maybe worthwhile downloading a free media player. We use VLC Media Player at Spy Equipment UK
  • It maybe worth having another micro SD card as a direct replacement inside the device (other than one supplied) for a swift turnaround thereby reducing operational downtime
  • Generally 1GB of recording memory will give up to 18 hours of recording, so a 32GB SD card will store up to 576 hours of recordings