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External Rechargeable Battery Pack

Product Code B4TC

This rechargeable battery pack can be used with a number of our camera systems to increase deployment of the camera unit over and above the capacity of the device internal battery. Plug-in USB connection makes it ideal for swift redeployment of a camera system.

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The External Rechargeable Battery Pack is a rechargeable 3.7V DC self-contained lithium ion power pack. This unit can provide an external power supply for certain cameras and some audio recorders in our range supplementing the the standard internal battery.

Solve or Increase Camera/Recorder Deployment Opportunities

A number of our spy camera systems are self contained with the camera and DVR both running from either mains or a standard internal battery supply. Often it is not possible to connect a camera system to a permanent power supply, so deployment capabilities are then restricted to the capacity of the inbuilt rechargeable battery. Also some of our battery-powered voice recorders are restricted by their internal battery capacity. Having a spy camera accessory such as the rechargeable external battery pack can solve these issues and having more than one external battery pack can mean that the camera or audio recorder can remain in place on a more permanent basis, with only battery packs and SD cards being swapped over.

Suited to Many Products in our Range

There are a number of cameras in our range that are ideal for making use of the External Rechargeable Battery Pack. These include the Tiny Black Box Camera System, the Swivel Lens Wide Angle Cam/DVR, The Mini Black Box Security Camera, The Tissue Box Camera, the Bag Camera Ultimate Package and also The Button Camera Ultimate Package particularly if deployed in a static surveillance situation.

In the Voice Recorder range, this external battery is suited to use with the Digital Voice Recorder Pro, our advanced Voice Recorder Ultimate, one of our best-sellers in the Enduro Black Box Recorder and our long-term solution in the Enduro 365 Recorder. Other battery powered products we offer that are powered by an internal battery could make use of an external battery pack, albeit having a battery pack on show more often than not will defeat the object of having a covertly designed camera system.

Dependant upon supply the battery pack can come in different colours. The battery packs supplied are cylindrical in design 2600mAh capacity and are supplied with a charge lead for the battery itself

  • 3.7V lithium ion rechargeable battery pack for multiple applications
  • Ideal for powering some spy cameras systems in our range that support external power
  • Typically 2600 mAh capacity and cylindrical in design
  • Will provide continuous additional power to connected device for between 10 and 20 hours
  • Supplied together with USB charge connection cable
  • Full recharge time of approximately 5 hours
  • Unit dimensions: 90mm in length and 22mm in diameter

Can this battery pack be used to supply external power to other items such as voice recorders and landline recorders?

Yes, this is a possibility with the recorders with rechargeable internal batteries.

Does the unit have a switch built in?

No, the battery pack does not need a switch, because it can be simply disconnected from the device that it is providing power to.

Can the battery be charged and still be used to provide power to a connected device at the same time?

This is not possible because the power output from the battery discontinues when connected for charging.

You will need to consider the following to use this product:

  • Our cameras use 3.7V lithium ion battery power, but not all cameras use this system so be sure of voltage of camera system you wish to connect the battery pack to.
  • Lithium ion batteries require some care. It is best that they are stored at room temperature and at about 40 percent charge capacity if they are not to be used for an extended period of time.
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