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iPhone Charger Camera

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The iPhone Charger Camera is a motioned activated full colour 1080p video recorder (with audio) built into a desktop iPhone charger. The phone dock is suitable for use with new iPhone connector. With changeable micro SD memory and mains power supply, this system is perfect for room surveillance at home or in the office.

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An iPhone Charger Camera will fit into many different environments without attracting attention. This makes it ideal as a covert camera enclosure. This hidden camera product has a wide angle lens ensuring that a larger area is covered within view and it is able to record video with audio in 1080p high definition, taking power from the mains so there are no troublesome battery issues. Video footage is of very high quality so there can be no mistake what was captured.

Both WiFi and IP Capability

The hidden cam system has both WiFi and IP capability so using an app on your Smartphone or tablet you can watch ‘live’ from the other side of the world if desired (requires local router link-up) or you can control, stream video and setup the device without need for a router from a distance of up to 50 metres. It is possible to download recorded video, set the time to match that on your smartphone or tablet, start/stop recording, format the SD card and even hide the SSID so nobody else can detect your covert camera unit. The memory storage is a micro SD card system with a maximum capacity of 32Gb, so there should be ample space for recorded video footage.

Motion DetectionRecording – Ideal for Evidence Gathering

Probably one of he most important features of a camera that is used for room video surveillance is the need for motion activation which ensures that video recordings are only made when the camera detects movement within its view. This iPhone charger with hidden camera uses ‘through the lens’ monitoring technology to achieve this and also records time and date on the footage in addition to watermarking, something that makes this product perfect for gathering video suited for evidential purposes.

Switchable Day and Night Mode

The downside of many spy cameras is the ability to capture decent imagery in low light conditions. The majority will work reasonably in well lit areas, but when lighting becomes dim then camera imagery reduces severely. The iPhone Charger camera can be used in good daylight, artificial light and low light scenarios. It is not possible however to use in complete darkness, but there are not many circumstances where this would be absolutely necessary.

iPhone Charger Camera – Totally Discreet operation

The design of this desktop iPhone charger is fairly generic, so it physically should not attract much attention. The operation of the device is totally discrete in that there are no flashing lights, sounds or other alerts that would give rise to suspicion in any way that the dock is anything other than what it appears to be.

Standalone DVR or Remote Live Monitoring

This unit is versatile in every respect because it will fit into home and office environments, it can be used to charge and iPhone, but does not need to be charging a phone to work away as a self-contained DVR system capturing video evidence for later watching or in the capacity of a live video monitoring system that can be viewed remotely on iPhone and Android Smartphones and tablets. Such powerful features certainly ensure that this is one spy camera system that is worth considering.

  • Standard design of desktop iPhone charger (working) with in-built covert spy camera and DVR
  • Designed for use with iPhone handsets using the latest charging connector or as a standalone camera system with no need for a phone
  • Wide angle camera discreetly included in the front face of the dock when on a desk or table in its natural position
  • Easy to use and with fast start up – Just plug into the mains power supply to get up and running
  • High quality video resolution – Switch between 1080p, 720p or 480@ 30 frames per second (real time)
  • Camera image sensor -1/2.9” CMOS Progressive sensor – Lens F2.0 3.64mm – 78º wide angled
  • Low light ability – 0.03 Lux @ F2.0
  • Integrated high quality audio recording with AGC noise cancellation for crisp sound reproduction
  • Accepts micro SD up to 32GB (16GB supplied) – For storage of recorded files in commonly used MOV (video) or JPG (photo) formats
  • Power permanently from mains supply from supplied UK charger
  • Dimensions of dock (not including cable): 71 x 69 x 50mm
  • No special software or accessories needed for playback of recorded files – Apps for iPhone and Android devices available
  • SD Card playback compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8  and 10 OS and Mac OS X
  • Perfect for high quality video surveillance at home, or in the office

Whereabouts is the camera located?

If you consider placing the dock on a desk or a table then the camera is in a natural position to overlook a room in the front vertical face of the dock.

Does the unit actually charge a phone that is docked on it?

Yes,  the system is able to provide a charging facility for an iPhone with the latest connector although having a phone on the charging port is not essential.

Does the iDock make any noise when recording are started and stopped?

The iPhone Charger Camera System gives no audible alerts whatsoever, so there is nothing that will alert unwanted attention.

How do I know whether the camera is recording the right part of the room?

The camera is a wide angled camera model which should provide a decent area of coverage, however to check it will be worth doing a live remote viewing test to see if the unit is positioned as you wish.

Where would I place such a device?

This really is down to your own personal choice. Charging docks are commonly found on desktops in the office or at home in the kitchen or maybe in the bedroom in some circumstances.

Does the unit also record decent quality audio?

Yes, the DVR Mobile has an in-built microphone that will easily capture and record clear audio onto the video footage up to a 5 metres radius.

You will need to consider the following to use this equipment:

  • You will need use of a computer with speakers attached is required if wishing to playback recordings with the audio.
  • You will need a media player on the computer for playback of video / audio files. It maybe worthwhile downloading a free media player. We use VLC Media Player at Spy Equipment UK
  • To take full advantage remote live video surveillance, you will need an Android Smartphone, iPhone, Android Tablet or iPad that has an Internet connection.
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