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This ceramic contact wall microphone is purely a spare or replacement device for use in conjunction with our Listen Through Wall Device product (RSR01)

If you already have one of our Listen Through Wall Devices then it maybe the case that for some reason the contact wall microphone has become damaged beyond repair or lost. The Listen Through Wall Microphone is a direct replacement for this part of the complete set up and does not require any special tuning or pairing to make the system compatible. If you are in doubt, then please feel free top contact us at Spy Equipment UK to confirm that you are purchasing the correct product for you. Please be aware that this microphone will not work on its own and requires the Listen Through Wall amplifier (main body of the device) to complete a system.

  • Ceramic contact wall microphone with spring-loaded contact centre pin
  • Designed to pick up on wall vibrations through walls and solid objects up to 300mm thick
  • Connection wire length between Microphone and AV connector is approximately 70cm


Can’t I just connect this microphone to a recorder to record what is goiung on through the wall?

No, the microphone needs to be connected to the correct base unit amplifier for it to work correctly. If you want the full set then select the Listen Through Wall Device instead.

I already have a Listen Through Wall Device, but need a new microphone. Will this fit my device?

It would be best to contact us by email wit the details an a picture of your device if possible so that we can advise correctly.

You will need to consider the following to use this equipment:

  • You will already ned to have the main body (sound amplifier and filteringunit) of one of our listen through wall devices to complete a system.
  • Careful storage and use of th wall microphone wire will reduce the potential for faults developing.
  • This product is NOT designed direct for connection to any of our other products. If you are unsure whether you have a suitable device to connect the microphone to, then you should constct Spy Equipment UK for advice.

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