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Universal Telephone Recording Lead

This is effectively an earpiece that has a special microphone built into the earbud as opposed to a little speaker. This little accessory enables easy recording of phone calls when connected to a recorder.

This product allows you to discreetly record telephone calls that you make on both mobile and landline phones.

Simply plug the connector plug into a suitable recorder, place the earphone bud in your ear and put whatever phone earpiece you are using up to the same ear. You will still be able to hear perfectly what is being said, but you can choose to press record on an attached recorder (not supplied) to record both sides of the conversation. Choose when to start and stop the recording of what you are hearing and saying during the call.

Using this device gives no indication to the person with whom you are speaking that you are recording the call and the beauty of this product is that it can be used when making calls on any phone providing a simple and effective way to protect your interests. Any easy product to carry around ready for use when you need it.

  • Can be used when making calls on any phone landline or mobile
  • Special microphone will pick up audio from both sides of conversation (what you are saying and what the caller is saying
  • Carry in your pocket for use anywhere
  • Great for recording calls to protect your interests or to recording calls that you are receiving that may include harrassment

How do I know if my existing recorder will be compatible?

Any recorder can be attached, although you will have to ensure that you select the right jack plug connector size. This Universal Telephone Recording Lead jack plug connector needs to be inserted into the external microphone socket on the recorder.

Will the person on the end of the phone line know that I am recording the conversation?

No, there is no indication given by the device that would alert their attention to this.

You will need to consider the following to use this product:

  • This device needs to be attached to a voice recorder to operate call recording functionality. Use your existing recorder or choose from our voice recorders section.
  • Please select the correct microphone jack plug size relevant to the recorder that you intend to use this product with. If you also purchase one of our recorders, then you will need to select 3.5 stereo as the plug option.

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