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WAM-108t Multiband Bug Detector

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This powerful multi channel wireless frequency activity monitoring system is one of the most comprehensive pieces of equipment available for the purpose of detecting all manner of sophisticated bugging technology. No professional counter surveillance expert should leave the office without one

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The WAM-108t hand-held multi-band bug detector takes counter surveillance equipment to a new level in sophistication. Featuring a simultaneous eight-channel monitoring facility, memory logger, graph analysis, a huge scan range and a pin-point accurate directional facility, it is easy to see why this device is in demand by TSCM specialists

Class-Leading Comprehensive RF Scanning

The WAM-108t offers total frequency monitoring and logging of all activity in the surrounding environment. The unit is designed to identify and locate transmissions from all manner of radio frequency emitting devices. It has been designed to simultaneously monitor eight separate RF bands, which is virtually unprecedented thereby offering to give complete RF capability on these bands: 0-14 GHz Wideband, 5 x Cellular 2G/3G/4G and 2 x Wifi/Bluetooth 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

Use in Almost Any Environment Including Vehicles

The exceptional coverage offered means that the WAM-108t specialist bug detector is suitable for use in the home, in meeting rooms, offices, examination halls, in hospitals, prisons or for checking vehicles for all manner of transmitting devices including GPS tracking devices. The specially configured high gain antennas provide a detection radius of up to 50 metres dependant upon strength of transmissions and ambient conditions. The device has a range of antennas that include the latest directional high gain antenna that can really take the search to the source of a local transmission.

Intuitive Detected Events Readout

The 0-14 GHz Wideband detector covers the widest range of radio frequency detection, but it is supported by a frequency signal readout (up to 6GHz) which be seen simultaneously and the latest ‘Livescan’ software shows the detected live signal pattern in a graph format to help identify the signal type. This comprehensive array of side by side features can be especially useful when searching for pulsing or burst devices such as GPS tracker devices.

Audio Video and GPS Signal Detection

There are now five cellular frequency bands based around the 2G/3G and 4G networks. More everyday and specialist bugging devices than ever now use these frequencies because they are widely available and accessible. The WAM-108t provides individual detection on each of these bands thereby giving the ability to detect activity from mobile phones, Smartphones, GSM Bugs, hidden 3G and 4G spy cameras as well as GPS tracking devices.

WiFi and Bluetooth Transmission Identification

With the development and expansion of use of bluetooth and WiFi, it is important that the WAM-108t has incorporated a separate scanning band for those types of devices operating on the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies. A whole new range of covert devices that use these frequencies for transmission of video and audio as well as ‘Store and Forward’ bugs that store recorded audio and then send a burst regular transmission are now commonly available and in use. The WAM-108t has this threat covered by scanning and decoding the transmissions using a complex algorithm to assist in analysing exactly what signal is being used whether it be Bluetooth, WiFi or other 2.4GHZ or 5GHz signal.

Event Storage – View on a Windows PC

This bug sweeper has an internal memory facility allowing up to 4000 events to be stored for later viewing as list or in a graphic format. For every detected signal, no matter how long or short, the WAM-108t will record the time/date, duration, band/frequency detected and its signal strength. The unit is supplied with the latest version of the digital viewer software for use on Windows based computers. The memory log can be offloaded from the WAM-108t onto to a USB Memory Stick and subsequently viewed on a computer at your leisure in an easy to read graphic or list format.

High Quality Product – Manufactured in the UK

This top of the range counter surveillance unit was painstakingly designed and manufactured to the very highest quality in the UK using the very best materials including a custom machined aircraft grade aluminium enclosure. The WAM-108t is powered by an internal rechargeable lithium battery. The main device together with its range of antennas, earphones, USB stick, specialist viewer software and mains charger are supplied in a specially made heavy duty military case for complete protection in transit.

  • Hand-held unit with 3.5 inch Colour TFT Display and simple to use menu driven operation
  • Sophisticated multi-band wireless detection and logging a massive range of RF transmissions
  • 8 Separate radio frequency scanners operating side by side to give complete RF coverage: 0-14 GHz Wideband Detector, 5 x Cellular 2G/3G/4G Detectors and 2 x Wifi/Bluetooth 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz Detectors
  • Detects all types of transmitting devices: FM and UHF audio and video bugs, mobile phones, Smartphones, GPS trackers, SMS (Texts), GSM Bugs, 3G/4G Video, Bluetooth & WiFi Devices, Burst and ‘Store & Forward’ devices
  • Wideband frequency range of 0-14 GHz – incredible coverage with 6 GHz frequency readout for analogue and digital signals
  • Five cellular band detection: 800 MHz (4G), 900 MHz (2G/4G), 1800 MHz (2G/4G), 2100 MHz (3G), 2600MHz (4G)
  • Additional 2.4 GHz and new 5GHz RF band detector for WiFi/Bluetooth/Video and other latest generation devices
  • Ultra-sensitive: detects signals from up to 50 metres – directional ability to seek transmission source
  • Live-scan feature maps a real time detection trace on screen – band selection feature allows user to monitor/ignore selected bands as required
  • Event Log catalogues time/date, detected band, duration and signal strength of up to 4000 occurrences
  • Event log can be viewed on screen and/or downloaded to USB stick for storage and later viewing on a Windows PC
  • Graph Mode displays real time or historical graph of all detected transmissions
  • Supplied digital viewer software enables user to view loved events in an easy-to-view graphic or listing format on a Windows PC
  • Four antennae – 3 x omnidirectional and 1 x high gain directional antenna for precision pin-pointing of the signal source
  • Audio demodulation available through inbuilt loudspeaker or supplied earphones
  • Internal rechargeable lithium battery – average usage time of approximately 8 to 10 hours after a full charge
  • Made to very high standard in the UK – supplied in protective heavy duty carry case
  • Accessories: 5V DC charger – 110V to 240V AC input (auto switching) with international adaptors, USB stick, earphones, data viewer software (for Windows only)

Will this device detect all bugging devices?

The WAM-108t unit has a very wide frequency scan range, up to 14GHz, It has four antennas and superb transmission directional detection capability. No single bug detector can pick up all bugs, but this is our most comprehensive handheld device.

Can the WAM-108t unit find covert audio recorders?

No because audio recorders do not transmit any type of signal and therefore cannot be detected by RF detection equipment. A Non-Linear Junction Detector is an option as well as a thermal imager (we do not supply these). This is why physical search in addition to a ‘sweep’ is important.

Can the WAM-108t detect wireless cameras?

This comprehensive unit has the ability to lock in on all types of transmitting cameras using both analogue and digital frequencies including 2.4GHz 5GHz, 3G and WiFi units.

Can I hear through the device when an audio bug is detected?

The WAM-108t does have audio demodulation, so it is possible to hear the actual audio if an analogue bug transmission is detected. Digital demodulated signals also have a specific sound signature that can help in identification. Audio is broadcast through the in-built speaker or earphones.

Is the WAM-108t capable of detecting tracking devices?

Absolutely! It is probably the most effective counter surveillance product that we sell in detecting GPS tracker devices.

What does the HSA-Q1 offer that the WAM-108t doesn’t?

The HSA-Q1 has so many more features for analysing detected signals, enabling the user to get a far more detailed analysis of the environment being assessed. It has the ability to rule out background RF and friendly signals more easily and it’s sweep speed is second to none, so nothing will should be missed.

You will need to consider the following to use this equipment:

  • If you are using a bug sweeper for the first time it is advisable to try out the device in various ‘friendly environments’ to become conversant with the functionality and proficient in its operation. If possible, get some advice from someone else who is more experienced.
  • It is advisable to gain have a reasonable knowledge of frequency bands used by common and professional bugging devices as well as everyday transmitting equipment to use this product effectively. Even the counter surveillance professional needs to keep up to date. Some find that Wikipedia can help.
  • No single bug detector can detect all types of bugging device. Some spy and surveillance equipment such as recording devices and most hidden cameras do not transmit radio frequencies. This fact means that other equipment should be considered as a back up as well as a physical search.
  • Bug Sweepers are completely legal to use in the UK. They do not transmit a signal and merely scan for RF transmissions, so no special licence is required to own one or use one.
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