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Voice changing systems that can disguise your voice whilst on a phone call have been around for a number of years. Previously we have regarded all affordable systems to be gimmicks or toys. That is until now!

Previously the only professional types of voice changer available were bulky and only designed to us on landline telephones. The Call Defender Voice Changer is a robust, but lightweight device that is small enough to carry in the pocket, ready to use wherever you are. The device uses a 3.5mm 4 pole connection jack plug, a format that is commonly used on pretty much every mobile phone available today and many older mobile handsets as well. Once plugged into the 3.5mm audio port on the phone, the Call Defender is used as the handset instead.

The device is very simple to activate. There are two voice changing modes with high pitch and low pitch settings that allow choosing the best disguise that suits the voice of the person using the device. Changing the pitch of the users voice will disguise the caller’s identity during the phone conversation. There is nothing to stop the mode being switched during the call, which could potentially be employed to give the impression that there is more than one person involved in the call conversation. There is an LED indicator on the unit displaying the selected mode.

The unit is designed to only turn on when the phone it is connected to is in use, a feature that preserves the battery life, which even when used continuously can achieve a usage time of up to 7 hours. The internal battery is a rechargeable lithium pack that can be charged using the supplied USB lead, so there is no need for the extra expense of throw-away batteries. Simple, durable and very effective the Call Defender Voice Changer is the ideal voice masking device of professional quality at an affordable price.

  • Pocket-sized professional voice changer unit constructed from durable materials for everyday use
  • Simple to use ‘plug and go’ technology - no special programming or technical knowledge required
  • Compatible with all modern phones that have a 4 ring, 3.5mm audio port (including iPhone, Android and Blackberry phones)
  • Professional voice pitch change - two modes - high and low tone
  • Connects to mobile phone with single wire - use as an external handset
  • Switch between modes whilst on a call - gives the impression of two different people on the call
  • LED indicator displays the changer mode of operation
  • Internal lithium rechargeable battery - providing up to 7 hours of use after a full charge
  • Battery saving shutdown feature - device automatically shuts down when inactive
  • Supplied in a robust carry case together with USB charge lead and instructions 
  • Perfect for disguising you voice when making a discreet enquiry, expressing your feelings to someone or for passing on information

Can I be sure that the voice will sound genuine after passing through the voice changer?

Yes, this is a professional device that changes the pitch rather than making the voice sound electronic like other voice changers often do

How can I check whether this unit is compatible with my phone?

Pretty much all modern handsets have a 4-ring 3.5mm input port for plugging headphones or connecting to external AV devices. Most handsets are supplied with headphones, so it would simply be a matter of checking that there are 4 rings on the jack plug of the headphones.

I am not technically minded. Is the device really that simple to use?

It would be difficult to design a unit that was more simple. This really is plug and go technology, with no technical knowledge required.

Is it possible to record the conversation at the same time using the voice changer?

The Call Defender is designed only to disguise the voice and there is no facility to record an call conversations on this unit.

If several people wanted to use the Call Defender during a session, how would it be best to know what mode to use for each person.

Selecting the correct mode really is down to a bit of preparation before using the device on an official call. During tests each person can determine the best mode for them. 

You will need to consider the following to use this equipment:

  • You will need to have a smartphone or other mobile handset that has a 4-ring 3.5mm jack audio connection port to enable coupling with the voice changer that can make outgoing/incoming calls.

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