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HD Black Box WiFi Camera

Product Code BBWF

The Black Box WiFi Camera is a versatile self-contained remote monitoring spy camera solution where ‘live’ viewing is high on the agenda as well as having the convenience to watch on your Smartphone whilst you are on the move. Simple ‘plug and play technology for everyday use.

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Whilst it is beneficial having WiFi cameras disguised as everyday items it is always ideal to have a versatile unit that can be deployed in a variety of circumstances and whose concealment can be determined dependant upon the environment in which it to be placed.

Simple To Use – No Expert Knowledge Required

Mention WiFi cameras to the general public and you will find that the majority will consider that this type of technology is way beyond their technical knowhow. The HD Black Box WiFi Camera is different. It is simply child’s play to get working even for the most technically challenged. No computer is required, no connection cable is involved and there is no special configuration needed. Simply download the free monitoring app on your smartphone and input the WiFi username and password to get the camera system up and running.

Android and iOS Compatible – Optional Battery or Mains Power

This WiFi camera works with both Android and Apple operating systems, so after downloading the provided application, remote monitoring can be achieved using any Android phone or tablet, iPhone or iPad so for the majority of customers there will be no need to purchase any special hardware. The Black Box WiFi Camera has an inbuilt rechargeable lithium battery that can provide up to 8 hours of remote monitoring after it has been fully charged. Optionally you can connect an external rechargeable battery pack to extend standalone deployment time (see options menu) or eradicate battery issues by connecting the device to a main power outlet (if available where it is deployed).

Monitor and Record in HD – Receive Event Alerts

Whether you wish to keep watch on a vulnerable elderly relative, keep a check on your children, monitor your pets or maybe keep an eye on your valuable property, the Black Box unit has features that make this an easy task. In addition to remote monitoring the unit can record video and audio onto an inserted micro SD card for later review. This device will accept up to a 64GB card so there is option for ample video storage. Recordings are made in 720p high definition can be continuous, set to trigger by through the lens motion detection or start when sound is detected. And if you need to be kept informed of when there is movement in a room that you wouldn’t regularly expect, then you can set the device to send out push notifications to your Smartphone or Tablet and subsequently logon to the WiFi camera to see what triggered the alert.

Optional External Camera for Extremely Discreet Deployment

Although the versatility of a battery powered unit and optional external battery pack can often be enough to enable concealment of the camera into a room, in some circumstances there is no obvious discreet hiding place for the camera. The standard inbuilt spy camera is situated in the vertical end of the box and with a 160 degree wide angle lens it is able to capture an excellent panoramic view of the room in which it has been placed, but if a more discreet deployment is needed, then there is the option of an extended camera (13cm ribbon connector) that allows the main Black Box to be completely hidden away whilst the tiny extended camera with 80 degree wide angled lens can be placed to view the environment.

Personal and Evidential Deployment Applications

Recordings and/or still images captured by the system are time and date stamped which is ideal for evidential purposes. One hour of video footage (1280 x 720) requires approximately 1GB of memory card space, so a 64GB card can store up to 64 hours. Still images take around 250KB of memory capacity. As long as there is accessible WiFi available then deployment opportunities are limited by the imagination. Whether using to watch you home, caravan, holiday home or even your business, the HD Black Box WiFi Camera is certainly one to consider to put you back in control.

  • Versatile black box self-contained WiFi surveillance camera
  • Remotely watch and listen ‘live’, record and remotely download footage to your Android, iPhone or Tablet device
  • Free downloadable apps are readily from Play and iTunes App stores
  • Powered from inbuilt lithium rechargeable battery or permanently from mains power supply – 8 hours potential operation when using battery power (3500mAh cell)
  • Wide angled 720p high definition spy camera – Incredible 160 degree field of view
  • Integrated microphone – Hear and see what is happening
  • Two operation modes – AP Mode: Direct connect to Smartphone or Router Mode: Real-time Internet clod surveillance
  • Recording modes – motion detection or voice/sound detection
  • Records video to microSD card – Maximum of 64GB (see dropdown menu)
  • Simple to set up plug and play technology
  • Push notifications can be sent from the WiFi camera to your Smartphone or Tablet
  • Time and date stamp on video footage – MP4 Format
  • Dimensions: 75 x 60 x 30 mm
  • Optional 80º wide angled external camera on a ribbon (13cm extension) – Ideal when the main unit needs to be hidden
  • Supplied with USB charging/power lead, USB to mains Adapter and easy to follow instructions (via email)
  • Perfect quick deployment remote spy or discreet CCTV camera monitoring solution for home, office, workshop or caravan


Can other devices transmitting within the same area interfere with the transmissions?

Our WiFi cameras use digital data streaming. This means that no interference will be expected from other systems, but the WiFi network it is using can, as with normal systems, be affected by bandwidth issues that can sometimes impinge on the video / audio produced.

What is the cost of running a WiFi spy camera?

There is no directly attributable cost for running a WiFi camera other than the electricity that is needed to power it, however, it is wise to check with your Internet service provider to ensure there are no restrictions on data streaming. If there are restrictions in Internet usage, then costs may be incurred over and above your normal internet usage.

Is the footage produced by the camera clear enough to identify people captured within say 10 metres of the camera?

Absolutely, because the footage produced is high definition 720p, in colour which is defined enough for identification purposes.

Do I need to go into special configuration of Broadband settings or a specialist router to accommodate the WiFi camera onto the network?

No, this WiFi camera system can be considered to be a ‘plug and play’ solution. It is easy to install and set up, with no technical expertise required. And we supply easy to follow user guides and can provide support by telephone.

Can I use the WiFi spy camera worldwide?

Yes, this system can be used outside the UK, however you should be certain to have the correct mains power supply adapter to suit charging of the battery pack.

Can this HD Black Box WiFi Camera be powered purely from the mains supply?

Yes, there is a power lead and UK mains adapter supplied to allow permanent connection to a mains power supply if needed.

Does the camera system also send and record audio alongside video imagery?

Yes, the WiFi black box does have a microphone for audio monitoring and recording. In addition when set in sound activation mode a push notification can be sent in response to sound detected.


You will need to consider the following to use this equipment:

  • You will need to have an internet-connected Smartphone or Tablet (iPhone or Android) to be able to remotely view and hear what the camera is seeing.
  • You will need to download the right app onto your receiving device to enable it to view the WiFi camera
  • You MAY need the password to the network on which you wish to install this WiFi camera system for the initial set up procedure.
  • The WiFi camera system will NOT work if the WiFI network that it has been connected to is switched off or is inaccessible when remote viewing.


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