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    Semen Detection Infidelity Kit

    Product Code S3MK

    Do you suspect that your partner maybe cheating on you? This Semen Detection kit is designed to tests stains on cloth items such as undergarments or sheets for traces of semen.

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    When you suspect you may have a cheating partner, there are numerous ways to get necessary evidence. This Semen Detection kit may help as it is designed to test stains on cloth items such as undergarments or sheets for traces of semen.

    No Need for Sending Off Samples

    This infidelity detection test gives instant results using a very simple method that involves colour-changing test strips. It works by testing for a certain enzyme that is secreted by the prostate gland in a man during the sexual process. This method is used by forensic laboratories and as such the results can be relied upon as being accurate, with each test concluded in a matter of minutes.

    All Components Included For Several Tests

    It is possible to use this kit for more than one test. With each strip in this kit you are able to forensically test several items. Also included are cotton swabs and nitrile gloves to prevent potential cross-contamination and to protect the users hands during the test procedure.

    Test Samples With Causing Material Damage

    It has been proved that stains can still be positively identified on material even 2 years or more after they were first deposited. This is of course as long as the garment/cloth has not been washed. The test will not damage the material that it has been used to test and after the test there will be no evidence left behind that would show that a test has been conducted.

    May Still Be Relevant Despite Sexual Protection Use

    Some would argue that because condom use is prolific, then conducting a test would prove futile. Condom usage is certainly at a lower level than the media would like to have us believe and testing bedsheets would still identify an incidental seepage or spillage before or after the event even if a condom has been used. It should also be noted that a man can secrete traces of semen up to 2 hours after a sexual act and therefore a test on underwear or a bed sheet would still have a good chance of producing a positive test result.

    • Designed to detect semen on clothing or bedclothes
    • Simple accurate test kit that a novice could use
    • Get test results in a matter of minutes
    • Test method is also used by forensic laboratories
    • Each kit contains one test strip, cotton swabs and nitrile gloves
    • One test strip can be cut into 3 or 4 smaller strips to conduct several tests

    Is the detection kit able to determine the difference between semen deposits from different males?

    No, the kit simply detects that a certain protein in semen present and cannot disseminate between different sources.

    Could it still be possible to detect semen traces if a bed sheet had been wiped in an attempt to get rid of any stains?

    There is a good chance that traces could still be detected. Only a thorough wash with detergent tends to rid bed clothing of all traces/stains.

    You will need to consider the following to be use this product:

    • This forensic test can only identify the presence of semen traces and cannot distinguish between semen from different males.
    • This pack only contains one test strip, but this can be cut into smaller strips to get several tests out of one kit.
    • These test kits are in a foil sealed bag. Unfortunately we are unable to accept returns any opened test kit.