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How Our Spy Equipment Can Help Resolve Infidelity

Adrian Mudd   June 9, 2008

Infidelity in marriage can have more than an emotional cost – spy equipment and surveillance can help find resolutions. Whether it be our phone monitoring systems or tracking devices, we can help you.

High tech solutions

There are many reasons why people hire private investigators or invest in high tech spy equipment when it comes to relationships, including:

  • If you are suspicious your partner is having an affair, spy equipment and surveillance can uncover evidence to put your mind at rest.
  • If you are suspicious that your ex-husband or wife is hiding assets from you that you could benefit from in the divorce courts.
  • If you want proof and evidence to use in court that your partner is being unfaithful – spy tools can capture the evidence you need.

The cost of divorce

The McCartney’s acrimonious split that has fuelled tabloid headlines over recent months is an example of the huge cost of divorce. London was dubbed the ‘Divorce Capital of the World’ thanks to the top divorce lawyers saying ‘divorce tourists’ are heading to the city to cash-in on favourable divorce laws. When millions are at stake it’s no wonder that embittered partners use spy equipment or hire private investigators to gather evidence against their ex.

With so much at stake for the super rich, spy equipment, surveillance and private investigators can help uncover that secret Swiss bank account. The average cost of divorce in the courts is thought to be around £13,000 and there are an estimated 150,000 divorces in the UK a year.


There’s a vast array of spy equipment available to buy to help you monitor your partner if you suspect an affair. From gadgets that can record email activity, to covert cameras and audio recording. Today’s state of the art spy equipment is easy to use, but if you want hard evidence it is wise to use a professional private investigator. Although they will be using similar spy equipment, they work in accordance with Data Protection, Human Rights and Investigatory Powers legislation if you want evidence that can be used in court.

You might want to consider investing in spy gadgets if your partner:

  • Quickly tries to shut down their computer/ shut down the screen they are working in when you walk into the room.
  • Start exercising or takes more effort and concern over their looks.
  • Becomes secretive with their mobile phone.
  • Has unexplained payments on their bank balance statements.
  • They do their own laundry
  • Spend more time doing ‘overtime’
  • Buys you gifts or flowers for no reason.