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In this category the Spy Equipment UK team has selected certain spy equipment that particularly apply to customers who are serious professionals in the Spy and Surveillance field - Private Investigators, Mystery Shoppers and Intelligence Operatives.

The products that you will find in the three sub-categories appear elsewhere in the website, but have been grouped to apply to each area of expertise

Private Investigators probably have a call for the widest range of spy gadgets available. They are often called upon to conduct surveillance operations that can use the assistance of high-end tracking and spy camera solutions in order to capture high quality evidence in the most efficient manner. In addition to vehicle tracker and spy camera equipment, we have included computer monitoring and bug detection devices as Private Detectives often have a need for these

Mystery Shoppers have a specific need for high quality versatile covert camera equipment with excellent audio. Spy Equipment UK has worked with Mystery Shoppers to develop some specialised equipment such as the bag camera with adjustable angle, which is ideal for across-the-table close up work where getting a face in the lens is essential. Our Button Camera solutions have been used by TV companies in certain scenarios, so really this is a mark of assured quality

In the Intelligence Operatives section are certain tools for discreet operations and intelligence gathering. Included are also compact, but professional bug detection solutions

Spy Equipment UK is consistently adding and updating products in these categories and it is well worth visiting the Spy Equipment UK site on a regular basis to ensure that you are kept up-to-date with the latest and greatest specialised equipment on offer

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