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    UHF Landline Bugs

    Please Note: All of the above UHF Land Line Bugs are for export outside the EU only. When placing an Order you will only be able to select a shipping address outside the EU

    Many would suggest that since the advent of the mobile phone, there is not really a need for monitoring landlines, but this simply is not the case at all.

    Monitoring Landline Phones

    Although the popularity of the mobile phone has reduced the usage of landlines, demand is still high for discreet or even hidden landline monitoring solution. To meet this demand Spy Equipment UK offer in this section landline monitoring solutions that can be hidden away out of sight or are, by design' already concealed. Again this type of listening-in system uses the UHF radio frequency waveband. The UHF transmitters should not be confused with FM transmitters that are a cheaper, but much less stable radio frequency monitoring solution, whereas the transmitters using the UHF frequency band offer a much more professional and stable solution

    Radio transmitting bugs of this type are not legal to use in the UK. The FM bugs utilise frequency bands that can be easily picked up on air-band radios and as such they have been deemed as being illegal for use in the UK and EU because of their potential interference with air traffic signals, which could potentially cause problems for air traffic control. By comparison, UHF transmitters use a frequency band from around 395 MHz to 430 MHz, a range that has been set aside for use by the military, so again any transmitters using this frequency range are deemed as being illegal in the UK and EU because of the potential harm that they could do

    So, if you have a need for a landline remote listening facility, the the products that Spy Equipment UK offer will certainly enable a reliable eavesdropping solution

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