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    Backpack Camera

    Product Code 8PKC

    This Backpack Camera can be worn in the customary fashion over the shoulder with the camera thereby facing forward. Although to the naked eye it appears completely normal, concealed within the strap is a high-quality covert camera with built-in high gain microphone.

    This custom made backpack / bag camera has a quality built-in high definition CMOS camera with sound chip. The bag used is a medium-sized black bag with both a strap and a handle and the design and an item that is considered as unisex. A portable hidden camera secreted within a stylish yet practical bag.

    Portable Hidden Camera Positioned for Natural Bag Use

    The built in covert camera is hidden in position in the pouch that forms part of the strap. This means that when the bag camera is carried in the normal manner and over the left shoulder, the portable hidden camera will be pointing to the front facing the same way as the bag wearer/carrier. This is prefect for walking into a location where video recording needs to be captured on the move whilst the bag is still on the shoulder of the wearer thereby looking natural and not arousing suspicion.

    Custom Built to Maintain Shape

    The inside of the bag is custom packed with foam to protect the portable camera and to ensure that everything is held firmly and securely in place. The bag is lined in such a way so as to make the bag stiff enough to hold its shape. This ensures that the camera remains at the correct angle/position. The viewing aspect cannot be guaranteed when it is set down (not being worn over the shoulder).

    Bag With Portable Camera Only or Full Package Available

    This unit can be used in conjunction with a digital video camera with AV input or together with an MP4 Recorder or DVR. Should you use your own video recording system then you may need to use the supplied battery holder which takes 8 x AA size batteries. We also offer a Bag Camera Ultimate Package that includes a law enforcement grade MP4 DVR with inbuilt screen which is shown in the Spy Camera Packages category on our website.

    Custom Built Designs Possible Upon Request

    Although the backpack camera has a standard specification with the camera located in the strap of the backpack, customers often require slight differences such as a change in camera location. If you wish to discuss alternatives, please call to discuss specific bag requirements. Within reason, we are often able to accommodate adjustments to the portable hidden camera and style of the bag, although it should be noted that extensive alterations to the standard format will result in a higher price.

    • Cleverly concealed pinhole portable camera in button on strap
    • designed for carrying over the shoulder with the camera facing the same way as the wearer
    • Bag interior packed with foam to protect MP4 or camera being carried within
    • High Definition CMOS camera located in end panel of bag
    • 0.2 Lux/30 IRE F2.0 – 78┬║ (wide angle lens)
    • Separate battery holder supplied (no batteries)
    • A bag with hidden portable camera ideal for Mystery Shoppers & Private Investigation operatives

    Where is the camera lens located?

    The camera is located in the shoulder strap facing forwards, so that the bag carrier can obtain footage whilst facing towards the subject.

    Does the Backpack Camera with portable hidden camera record what the camera sees as well?

    No, inside the bag is a connection lead that will enable a recorder of your choice to be connected (maybe a video camera with AV in or an MP4 recorder).

    Is the imagery produced by the camera good enough to be able to recognise faces?

    Yes, it is very easy to identify people on the footage as long as there is enough light in the environment that the recording takes place and as long as a decent quality recording device is used inside the bag.

    Can the bag with portable camera be used to carry belongings in like a normal backpack?

    Absolutely. Appearing to use the bag to carry personal effects is part of the disguise.

    You will need to consider the following to use this bag with portable hidden camera:

    • This bag camera requires a video recording device to complete the recording system. A recorder or DVR is not supplied
    • If you want a complete System including MP4 DVR then see our camera packages section.
    • This product is supplied with a battery holder used for powering t