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If you are looking for a spy camera system that to provide a solution for both ‘live’ remote monitoring and a record facility enabling after-the-event viewing of captured events then this innocent-looking Carbon Monoxide Alarm WiFi camera system could just be the answer

No Specialist Technical Knowledge Required

Perfect for use at home, this WiFi motion-activated spy camera (with sound), after doing the initial set-up, will not need to be connected to an Ethernet port or to the WiFi Router using a wire. What this means is that after the simple set up process has been undertaken, this non-working Carbon Monoxide Alarm can be placed at your chosen location on the wall provided it is within the broadcast area for the WiFi network to which the WiFi camera has been configured. Getting ‘up-and-running is unbelievably simple, with NO specialist technical knowledge required and this together with simple-to-follow instructions it is possible to get the camera unit functional in less than ten minutes! All that is required is a ‘live’ mains power outlet at the location where you wish to position the camera system because the device can only be powered from the mains supply.

HD Video Quality - Remotely View Worldwide

This system should not be confused with other inferior devices that give lower quality imagery and with diminished capabilities that are available elsewhere. Most other systems on offer elsewhere often produce pixelated video imagery and the majority will only allow remote viewing within the broadcast area of the same WiFi signal. This usually means that you can remotely view from the next room or the next floor at best, which is of course extremely restrictive. Our WiFi cameras produce HD video (with audio) and can be remotely viewed from computer or Smartphone many thousands of miles away or from next door if so desired (an Internet connection is needed for the receiving device).

Motion Activated Recording - Discreet Operation

The spy camera lens is position to view out of the front face of the unit thereby giving a wide-angled natural view of the environment in which it has been placed. The complete video surveillance system is cleverly installed within the external casing with no really obvious external signs that would giveaway the fact that a video surveillance system is within. There are no sounds or flashing lights that would alert attention, or that would arouse suspicion. The system has motion detection facility triggered by movement in front of the camera. The movement triggers can be programmed to send an email alert (requires set-up and a valid email address).

Windows / Mac / iPhone / Android Compatible

The remote viewing console for the system is very simple to use and the software we supply is easy to install on a Windows or Mac computer. On a computer remote setup can be altered for example: setting up motion activated recording (requires Windows PC or smartphone to change the settings). Not only can the WiFi cam be viewed from a computer, but it can also be remotely monitored from an iPhone or Android phone. Remotely see ‘live’ and record using these smartphones if required. Streamed video footage from the WiFi camera can be automatically stored on a preset PC within the same WiFi network as the camera or on the 32GB of internal memory storage inside the device. This means the video storage space is only restricted by the capacity of the hard-drive on that computer or the actual internal memory space.

  • Non-functioning Carbon Monoxide Alarm fitted with high quality covert WiFi spy camera system
  • Camera installation is hand-built in the UK - Completely covert camera design
  • Easy to set up and use - No prior specialist technical knowledge needed to use this product
  • Remotely view ‘live’ using your computer, laptop, iPhone or Android Smartphone (free app download required)
  • View and listen at your leisure in real time (receiving device requires decent Internet connection of some kind)
  • Can be set to send email in response to movement detected in front of the camera
  • High definition video resolution of up to 1280 x 800 @ 30FPS produced together with crisp audio recording
  • Video / audio quality will adjust dependent upon available transfer speed and bandwidth - sometimes the system may have to be set to a lower resolution
  • Optional Manual / Scheduled / Motion activated recording with time and date stamping for evidential purposes (to PC)
  • Multiple IP cameras can be added onto the same WiFi camera system (up to 20 cameras)
  • Internal memory storage space of 32GB as standard
  • Password protected for individually secure user access
  • Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android compatible (Require Windows PC or smartphone to do initial set up)
  • Supplied with UK 3-Pin mains adapter, full installation software and simple-to-use guide to getting started
  • Ideal for professional remote surveillance of office or home environment where a WiFi connection is available 

Can multiple WiFi spy cameras be received and recorded at any one time?

Yes, numerous WiFi cameras (up to 20) can be set up to feed to the same remote viewing console login on your computer or smartphone

Can other devices transmitting devices in the vicinity interfere with the transmissions?

These devices use digital data streaming. This means that no interference will be expected from other systems, but the WiFi network installed upon can, as with normal systems, be affected by bandwidth issues that can sometimes impinge on the video / audio produced.

What is the cost of running a WiFi spy camera?

There is no directly attributable cost for running a WiFi camera other than the electricity that is needed to power it, however, it is wise to check with your Internet service provider to ensure there are no restrictions on data streaming. If there are restrictions in Internet usage, then costs may be incurred.

Is the footage produced by the camera clear enough to identify people captured within say 10 metres of the camera?

Absolutely, because the footage produced is up to 1280x 800, in colour which is defined enough for identification purposes.

Do I need to go into special configuration of Broadband settings or a specialist router to accommodate the WiFi camera onto the network?

No, this WiFi camera system can be considered to be a ‘plug and play’ solution. It is easy to install and set up, with no technical expertise required.

Can I use the WiFi spy camera worldwide?

Yes, this system can be used outside the UK, however you should be certain to have the correct mains power supply to suit the system.

Can the WiFi system be powered purely from a battery supply?

Unfortunately it cannot be powered up from a battery and a mains power supply is included with the Carbon Monoxide Alarm suited to this purpose.

You will need to consider the following to use this equipment:

  • You will need to have an internet-connected computer (Windows, Mac, Tablet) or Smartphone (iPhone or Android) to be able to remotely view and hear what the camera is seeing.
  • You will require the password to the network on which you wish to install this WiFi camera system. You will need physical access to the WiFi router.
  • Although not essential, it maybe preferable to have a computer on the same WiFi network on which you have installed the supplied software in order to store recorded footage from the WiFi camera. Recording capacity will depend upon the free storage space on that computer hard drive.
  • The WiFi camera system will NOT work if the WiFI network that it has been connected to is switched off or is inaccessible.
  • On some shared office systems, such as shared WiFi on technology parks where numerous businesses share the same WiFi output, it will not be possible to use this WiFi camera due to security restrictions in place for multi-office shared systems.

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