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Most people would conceive installing CCTV cameras as something that should really be left to specialist security installers, but here we have put together a package that can be easily installed by almost anybody.

The complete system is made up of 4 digital wireless CMOS CCTV cameras with infrared capability and a 4 channel wireless receiver with recorder that is all built into a compact 7 inch LCD display tablet. The screen can display all four camera feeds on screen at the same time or individual camera views to suit the circumstances at that time.

High Quality Wireless Camera System

The cameras transmit on the 2.4GHz digital frequency rather than the more commonly used analogue band. Analogue frequencies suffer from far more interference issues and are essentially insecure in that anybody with an analogue receiver can view imagery from the cameras as long as they are in transmission range. On digital, privacy is more assured. The cameras have maximum transmission range of around 300 metres (1000 feet). This is an open range distance based on there being no obstacles between cameras and receiver. Transmission distances indoors are reduced the more barriers are in place between the camera and receiver.

Night Camera and Motion Detection

The DVR recording unit will support up to a 32GB micro SD card and has a number of recording modes including manual, schedule and motion activation. The system can be set to overwrite, so recording can be set to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if necessary. All cameras have infrared LED night vision capability with an illumination range of approximately 15 metres.

The receiver/recorder is portable although it has an output for connection to a larger external monitor if required. Because the cameras do not require wiring to the DVR installation is very easy. all that is is required at the installation point is a mains power supply for the camera. Each camera is supplied with a mains power supply unit.

  • 4 channel digital wireless camera with DVR system with LCD display
  • Simple installation with no video connection cables required 2.4GHz digital transmission system - little or no interference and no privacy issues
  • Each camera is a CMOS omnivision 380 TV line digital wireless unit with integrated infrared night vision LED’s
  • Cameras have a 15 metre night vision illumination range - Automatic infrared activation
  • Minimum illumination: 0 Lux (infrared LED On) or 5 Lux (infrared LED Off)
  • Cameras are a weatherproof outdoor units with a maximum transmission range (line-of-site) of 300 m/1000 ft
  • 7" LCD portable monitor with totally integrated digital receiver and DVR
  • Supports 4 wireless cameras running 24/7 if required and 32GB capacity micro SD card
  • Several recording modes including manual, scheduled or motion activated (with overwrite facility)
  • Time and date stamp on recorded video imagery for evidential purposes if required
  • LCD Receiver features a 7” TFT screen with 800 x 480 resolution displaying 1 or 4 cameras (selectable)
  • DVR produces video recording on 4 channels VGA @ 15fps or 1 channel VGA @ 30fps
  • The Receiver/DVR has a video output for connection of a larger external monitor if required
  • Supplied with 5 x power supply and 1 x AV cable for external monitor connection

Will the receiver accept transmissions from other wireless cameras sending on other frequencies?

This can only receive signals from digital 2.4GHz camera. Spy Equipment UK supply cameras to suit so there is no set up needed.

Are the transmissions on a secure frequency?

Yes, these cameras use the 2.4GHz digital frequency meaning no interference and no privacy leakage.

Can more that one camera be received and recorded at any one time?

All four cameras can be be received and recorded at any given time if so required.

Can two cameras be received on the same frequency?

This is something that is not necessary. Each CCTV camera has its own sub-divisional 2.4 GHz digital transmission channel.

Do I need any special software to playback the recorded footage from the SD card on my computer?

There should be no problem, but if your media player does not have the correct codex for playback then it is very easy to download a FREE media player that will play all formats such as VLC Media Player. In addition, the footage cam also be played back on the LCD monitor.

How do I switch over the cameras to night vision mode?

The cameras have a light sensor that means that they will automatically switch on the infrared LED illuminators when required

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