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Indoor Day/Night WiFi CCTV Camera

A superb high definition WiFi (I.P.) CCTV day and night camera system, simple to set up and install by even a novice. Remotely monitor from your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad or Android device. An excellent video security solution

This CCTV IP (WiFi) camera is specifically made for all day video surveillance of an indoor environment with the ability to remotely monitor from your iPhone, iPad, Android mobile device or desktop computer

Many of our customers worry about what is happening at their business premises, shop at residence or even at their holiday home whilst they are away. Some want to be sure what is happening with their child when they are absent and under the control of a nanny or childminder. If looking for peace of mind then this excellent WiFi (I.P.) camera certainly is something that suits this range of deployment circumstances.

Incredibly easy to install and set up out of the box, the camera can be affixed in your chosen location using the supplied bracket and then connected to the mains power supply. Configuring the camera onto the WiFi network where it has been place really is childs play and takes less than five minutes, although you will need to know the password for the WiFi system that you intend to use. No specialist technical knowledge is required whatsoever.

In addition to the easy setup, compared to many IP cameras on the market this WiFi Cam produces superb high definition imagery so identification of the surveillance subject matter will not be an issue. The system has two camera lenses, one for daytime and the other dedicated for nighttime use, with auto-switching between the two. The unit has audio streaming so you can not only see, but also hear what is happening ‘live’. In fact the system supports two-way audio, so if required announcements can be made from a remote location through the in-built camera speaker if required.

The System supports motion detection (sends and email when triggered), sound activation and scheduled recording modes, with 5 second pre-record, so you won’t miss a thing. The camera has a micro SD card DVR that will accept up to a 32GB card (optional). The PIR will detect movement up to 7 metres in front of the camera to trigger motion events. Recordings can be stored onto the installed SD card or streamed to a computer on the same network or another network remotely if required. In addition, if the WiFi connection to the camera system is lost, then this will not affect the motion detected DVR functionality as this will still operate without an Internet connection for the camera. Storage capacity for streamed footage to a PC will depend upon available space on that computer’s hard drive.

The remote viewing console is very easy to use and the software we supply is simple to install on a Windows or Mac computer. Setup can be changed remotely such as setting up motion activated recording (requires Windows PC or smartphone to change the settings). This WiFi camera can be remotely viewed from an iPhone or Android phone. Remotely view and listen ‘live’ and take snapshots using these smartphones and even remotely view previously recorded footage stored on the SD card if needed.

  • Superb IP (WiFi) CCTV camera designed for internal installation
  • Childs play plug and play technology by ID/password, no IP address or DNS set up required
  • Separate frame rate/resolution/bandwidth settings for PC and mobile
  • Video Settings: Resolution: (WXGA)1280x800, 1024x768, VGA(640x480), QVGA(320x240) - H.264 video compression
  • Two separate sensors/lenses for day and night video surveillance
  • PIR body detection, effective distance – 7 meters
  • Can be set to send email in response to movement detected in front of the camera
  • Motion detection video recording will operate even without an Internet connection
  • In-built microphone for audio monitoring - Two way audio (internal speaker)
  • Infrared thermometer and temperature alarm control
  • Triple video streaming capability on PC, mobile and SD card recording
  • SD card video recording with 5 seconds of pre-recording
  • Night mode control – support automatic, manual and scheduled modes
  • Connect up to 20 users simultaneously
  • Bundled with free video management software - downloadable apps from Play Store and iTunes
  • Push notification on iPhone/iPad and Android for PIR, temperature and sound detection
  • Events triggered by PIR and sound detection Email/ftp alarm message
  • Push notification on iPhone/iPad and Android devices
  • Event scheduling - Internal real time clock
  • Watchdog function to prevent system failure
  • Camera Dimensions: 95 x 68 x 25 mm, 280 grammes in weight
  • System supplied includes camera bracket and power adaptor, full guide - ready to install
  • Ideal for novice set up and remote monitoring of home, office or holiday home, even overseas

Can multiple WiFi spy cameras be received and recorded at any one time?

Yes, numerous WiFi cameras (up to 20) can be set up to feed to the same remote viewing console login on your computer or smartphone

Can other devices transmitting devices in the vicinity interfere with the transmissions?

These devices use digital data streaming. This means that no interference will be expected from other systems, but the WiFi network installed upon can, as with normal systems, be affected by bandwidth issues that can sometimes impinge on the video / audio produced.

What is the cost of running a WiFi spy camera?

There is no directly attributable cost for running a WiFi camera other than the electricity that is needed to power it, however, it is wise to check with your Internet service provider to ensure there are no restrictions on data streaming. If there are restrictions in Internet usage, then costs may be incurred.

Is the footage produced by the camera clear enough to identify people captured within say 10 metres of the camera?

Absolutely, because the footage produced at highest resolution is 1280x 800, in colour which is defined enough for identification purposes.

Do I need to go into special configuration of Broadband settings or a specialist router to accommodate the WiFi camera onto the network?

No, this WiFi camera system can be considered to be a ‘plug and play’ solution. It is easy to install and set up, with no technical expertise required.

Can I use the WiFi spy camera worldwide?

Yes, this system can be used outside the UK, however you should be certain to have the correct mains power supply to suit the system.

Can the WiFi system be powered purely from a battery supply?

Unfortunately it cannot be powered up from a battery and a mains power supply is included with the suited to this purpose.


You will need to consider the following to use this equipment:

  • You will need to have an internet-connected computer (Windows, Mac, Tablet) or Smartphone (iPhone or Android) to be able to remotely view and hear what the camera is seeing.
  • You will require the password to the network on which you wish to install this WiFi camera system. You may need physical access to the WiFi router.
  • Recording capacity will depend upon the free storage space on the computer hard drive linked to the system or the size of the SD card that you have installed in the CCTV camera.
  • The WiFi camera system will NOT work if the WiFI network that it has been connected to is switched off or is inaccessible.
  • On some shared office systems, such as shared WiFi on technology parks where numerous businesses share the same WiFi output, it will not be possible to use this WiFi camera due to security restrictions in place for multi-office shared systems. 

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