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Why These New Listening Devices Are The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Adrian Mudd   March 14, 2016

We’re very excited to announce a fantastic advance in our listening device technologies here at Spy Equipment UK. We’ve made some alterations to improve your covert recording and listening experience. We are consistently developing our high-tech spy gadgets to provide consumers with the ultimate in modern surveillance equipment.

New listening devicesNow you can monitor your audio in advanced quality to gain the information you need in an efficient, secret and clear way. Where cameras fail, this new voice equipment can offer a clear and unpolished, evidence, data or information collection method.

What Are the New Features?

Time and date stamp on recorded files

By tracking the time and date of your voice files you can be certain of when the surveillance activity took place and can match up the evidence you collected to a specific time with no confusion. This new feature is going to provide date and time evidence so that those under surveillance cannot argue the facts.

Double memory capacity

We have increased the storage capacity to ensure that you have plenty of time to spy and record as much as you need to. This exclusive feature to our voice recording systems means that you can now increase the data you want to record.

Increased battery performance

The improved battery performance of our listening and recording devices means you can record for longer periods of time without having to charge.

Should you choose a video camera or a voice recording system?

If you’re looking to put somebody under surveillance it is best to know the best type of device for your particular needs. Remember, you do not need video evidence to collect evidence against someone  – by simply listening to a conversation you are collecting valuable data. Our range of devices can be hidden and incorporated into everyday objects for the ultimate disguise. A discreetly recorded conversation can be just as, if not more useful than a video camera system.

Whether you suspect a cheating partner or theft in the family home; a quality sound recorder by Spy Equipment UK could be just what you need to settle a situation – you’d be surprised what people are willing to let slip if they think nobody’s listening.

Take a look at our fantastic range of listening and recording devices.

Why is the voice recorder different from our other systems?

Regular listening devices are miniature radio transmitters, whereas data recorded to a voice recorder contains built-in recording and audio playback with high-quality sound.

Whether you want to use a voice recorder for work, school or interview purposes or you’d like to secretly record somebody that you believe may be up to no good – please contact us and we’ll provide you with further information on the very best device for you.