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Pen Microphone

To the naked eye, this pen looks completely normal, but it conceals a sensitive built-in covert microphone. When attached to an audio recorder it can be used to make completely discreet recordings of conversations and meetings.

It really is not unusual to arrive at a meeting with a pen clipped into a top pocket of a shirt or jacket. This pen microphone is designed to be worn in this way and with a suitable recorder attached it becomes a discreet audio surveillance tool.

Essentially the internals of a working pen have been removed and a wired microphone has been inserted to replace these, which of course renders the pen redundant as a writing implement, but still maintains its unobtrusive out shell. The wire from the microphone emerges from the hole where the pen nib would have normally been and at the end of this wire is a small jack plug to connect to an audio recorder.

Although internal the microphone is sensitive, it is still only best used to records sound and conversation in relatively close proximity of about 3 metres radius.

No special audio recorder is required for connection to the pen, but of course it is advisable that the unit is small enough to fit inside the pocket with the pen, so that it remains out of sight. We can supply an audio recorder if required (see voice recorders section for 576 hour recorder).

  • Non-working pen with in-built microphone
  • Designed to be clipped into a top pocket on a shirt or jacket
  • Perfect for face to face audio recording
  • Audio pick-up range of about 3 metres
  • Requires connection to audio recorder to complete the recording system

Can this device also record what the microphone is picking up?

No, the pen literally contains a microphone only and would have to be connected to some external recorder to complete the kit (see our recorders if you do not already have your own)

The product is asking for the size of the microphone plug and its configuration. How do I determine what is right for me?

If you purchase one of our recorders then a 3.5mm stereo plug is the right choice, however, if you have your own recorder then it is important to find out what size the external microphone port is and whether the device will record in stereo as well. It maybe best to research the model number online.

Can this still work as a pen as well?

Absolutely NOT. The pen outer casing is only a disguise and the internals have been removed and replaced with a microphone. If you want a self contained recording unit in a pen then please consider our Pen Recorder (voice activated) product in the voice recorders category.

You will need to consider the following to use this product:

  • Pen designs for this product may change due to availablity at the time of ordering.
  • If the unit is ordered with one of our digital recorders, then the jack plug size will match accordingly, but if you wish to mate the product with a recorder of your choice, then you should ensure that you select the correct jack plug size accordingly.

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