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Spy Pen Digital Recorder (Voice Activated)

Product Code PEN1

Sleek and stylish spy pen that conceals a premium quality voice activated digital voice recording unit. This product is the size of a normal pen, can be used in the normal way or as a discreet portable audio recorder. Now with Time and Date stamp!

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This is a powerful, premium quality voice-activated digital voice recorder that is built into a stylish, black and steel effect ballpoint pen. This spy pen would not look out of place at home or in the office!

Slick Spy Pen with Discreet Recording Activation

What makes this spy pen especially stand out is the way that recordings can be started and stopped in such a discreet manner. This unit has the recording controls incorporated into a simple slide button system (the pen clip itself) allowing for superb covert use. By sliding the clip down, recording is commenced and when the clip is slid back up, the recording is stopped and recorded files are saved. Because this start/stop process is such a simple action, then after a few tests powering on and off will be achieved with absolute total discretion and without any fuss. Listening devices don’t get any easier to use than this and many others in our range.

Excellent Battery Life – Sensitive Adjustable Microphone

The device is powered by an internal, fully rechargeable lithium ion battery providing up to 20 hours maximum recording deployment time in voice activation mode. This effectively means that after a full charge of the battery, when started in sound activation mode, the pen will stay ‘live’ for up to 20 hours, recording when there is sound within the vicinity. A full charge of the pen normally takes around 2.5 hours, so the time between deployments can be kept to a minimum. The microphone is very sensitive and in voice activation mode, will easily pick up on noises/speech within a radius of up to 9 metres. The sound activation (VOS) threshold setting can be adjusted when the pen is connected to a PC with the supplied cable. This setting determines at what sensitivity the sound activation is triggered. Ideal when there is some ambient noise in the deployed environment.

Decent Memory Storage in this Recording Pen – Easy Playback

This product has an internal flash drive memory capacity as a standard of 1GB allowing for up to 71 hours of audio recordings to be stored (in Standard Play recording mode). This is half the amount from our previous version of the pen, however, this is because of the higher recording bit rate used by the new device, giving better audio quality. The Spy Pen Digital Recorder can be charged through the tiny 2.5mm charge/transfer port situated at the end of the pen. The device comes supplied complete with USB connection cable making it easy to transfer audio files from the pen onto your computer (Windows or Mac) completely hassle free with no need for specialist software. Alternatively, you can playback recorded files directly from the pen by connecting the supplied headphones to the same 2.5mm socket.

Time and Date Stamped Files

Like most of the products in our recording devices range, this updated pen recorder now has time and date stamping supported. This means that every file can be automatically given a time and date reference, ideal to confirm when a recording was made, essential when in voice activation mode, when many separate files may be catalogued. The time and date is set by connecting the pen to a Windows computer using the supplied USB cable. The sound activation (VOS) setting on this recording pen can also be selected in the same way through an on-screen menu system. When in straight record mode an automatic file save will be made every 5 hours (no recording time is lost). This helps to reduce the possibility of recorded file corruption.

Perfect Portable Voice Recorder Pen

When deciding on a voice recorder pen, which can be easily carried around every day and used to secretly record meetings, this is a top option. It can be left to pick up what is being said whilst you are out of a room. As an aid for dictation, the Spy Pen Digital Recorder has to be the ideal companion. Because the recording pen still retains the normal writing function and is standard length and girth, it can be used in full view or tucked away partially hidden if required to record in complete discretion.

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  • Nice looking black and silver ballpoint pen
  • Can be used as normal pen for writing
  • Recording functionality is completely silent in operation
  • Three sound quality settings (128KPBS in highest quality mode
  • Simple pen clip slide switch activation for record start/stop
  • Internal 1GB flash storage memory
    • 71 Hours in Standard Play Mode
    • 35 Hours – High Quality Mode
    • 17 Hours – Extra High Quality Mode
  • Battery life – Approximately 16 to 20 hours in recording mode or 15 hours in playback mode (playback directly from the pen)
  • Recharge time – 2.5 hours approximately if charged from computer USB port
  • Listening Radius – Sound pick up range of up to 9 Metres
  • Dimensions – 11mm thick x 1334mm long
  • Weight – 20 grammes
  • Compatibility – Windows 2000 or higher including Windows Vista, 7, 8 and Windows 10 as well as Mac running OS X
  • Accessories – Remote Controller, Earphones, USB charge/transfer cable, instruction manual
  • Also supplied with extra replacement ballpoint pen refills

Can this recorder pen still operate in recording mode when on charge?

Unfortunately it is not possible to make recordings on the Pen when it is connected to a charge outlet. The device is designed for stand alone operation from its internal battery only.

Is the device silent in operation?

Yes, the device is digital and there are no moving parts or sound alerts that would alert attention.

Will the recorder still record if it is hidden away from view?

Yes, the recorder will still pick up sounds from the environment, although if it is heavily buried out of site, the microphone effectiveness may be reduced. We have tested the product under a car seat and it was still effective.

How can the recordings be played back?

Recordings can be played back through supplied earphone or through computer speakers from the device or after the recorded files have been transferred to a PC.

Does the recorder pen make a sound when the battery runs out?

No sounds are made by the recorder at any time during operation or when the battery expires.

If the battery runs out when it is still deployed in recording mode, will the recordings be saved?

The device will auto save any recording onto the internal memory before the battery goes completely. Also in straight record mode, a files save is made every 5 hours to reduce the incidence of corruption of recordings

Do I need any special software to transfer recordings onto my computer or Mac?

No, this new version acts like a flash memory and therefore (unlike our previous version) no software is needed to transfer the files to the computer.

Consider the Following when Using this Voice Recorder Pen:

  • The recorded files on this device are not password protected, although you will need the right USB lead to connect the pen to a PC to retrieve audio recordings.
  • You will need a computer with speakers attached if wishing to playback recordings through your PC or Laptop.
  • You will require media player on the computer for playback of audio files. It maybe worthwhile downloading a free media player. We use VLC Media Player at Spy Equipment UK.
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