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Child and VIP Safety

Unfortunately the world can be a scary place and there are people out there who prey on children and VIP's.

Child Trackers, Nanny Cams and Safety

From the VIP perspective, there is usually a focus on protecting them from those who want to extort them for money in some way shape or form. Children can be at danger particularly from paedophiles who use ever more elaborate ways to form relationships with children with a view to satisfying their own needs. We have received many requests, particularly since the disappearance of Madeline McCann, for tracking devices and other safety measures

Tracking devices have become far more compact and powerful over the last three years. Spy Equipment UK has met the need with two personal tracking Gadgets for the security aware that can easily be put in a pocket. Both have a series of special features and can be set up for panic activation, thereby sending out an accurate GPS location alert to the necessary recipients. Both can be set to give live GPS location updates from 10 seconds upwards, so response to unusual movement activity can be very swift

Children are particularly vulnerable on the Internet where Paedophiles can seek to groom unsuspecting and trusting children. Using PC Monitoring software it is possible to keep an eye on your childs Internet activity and thereby respond accordingly should they have been drawn into any inappropriate conversations or activity whilst they have been online. Real-time remote PC monitoring solutions are also provided, so fast response to wayward activity can be even more swift

With travel and communication ever more easy, the world has become a 'smaller place', but at the same time potentially a more dangerous one. In this section Spy Equipment UK have sought to put together a list of the latest technology with a view to combatting that threat

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