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Acoustic Pooch Professional Audio Bug

Product Code AUP1

The Acoustic Pooch Professional Audio Bug is a state-of-the-art live listening system designed with law enforcement and surveillance professionals in mind. This is essentially a long-awaited replacement for the ‘outlawed’ UHF Bug, manufactured to an exceptionally high standard in the UK.

The Acoustic Pooch is an audio surveillance system, engineered to an exceptionally high standard, is designed to provide outstanding audio clarity using the latest long range Bluetooth transmission capability.

Replacement for UHF Bugs

For many years, direct point to point audio recording and surveillance was possible using audio transmitters operating on the UHF band. This type of device provided the ideal solution for short distance ‘live’ listening with the additional capability to remotely record from the audio bugging device by connecting a sound recorder to the receiver end of the system. Bugging devices using UHF (and FM transmitters) have for many years been designated as illegal to sell or use in the UK and EU, which resulted in GSM listening bugs being the only real audio monitoring solution until now.

Direct ‘Live’ Remote Monitoring

The system uses a battery powered transmitting bug which can be placed in a discreet position within the environment that you wish to monitor, such as inside a car, a room in a house or an office maybe. This Bluetooth bug can transmit continuously whilst there is noise in the environment, but will go into a battery conserving sleep mode when there is no sound being made in the vicinity of the bug. The device is paired with a receiver unit that can be monitored remotely. The bug has a transmission range of approximately 100 metres using the standard antenna, albeit greater distance may possibly be achieved if an enhanced alternative is used (not currently supplied).

Incredible Audio Pickup Rand and Quality

When it comes to audio pickup range, there really isn’t anything else available that can match the Acoustic Pooch. The unit uses the best microphone and amplification technology available and is therefore sensitive enough to pick up sounds at a radius of up to 15 metres! The audio clarity is also incredible in that whispers can be listened to when the bug is in a quiet room environment. The product is supplied with a software control system that can be used remotely to adjust/control the bug such as increase/decrease the sensitivity and because the system can control numerous bugs monitored by one receiver, the software can also control which device is being listened to at any given time.

Listen and Record Automatically

Other than the absence of call costs incurred when using GSM bugs, the outlawed UHF bugging technology also had the advantage of being able to remotely record what was being listened to and be left unattended to do so. The Acoustic Pooch is also able to record the audio being remotely received by attaching the supplied recorder to the Receiver. It is also possible to listen ‘live’ at the same time as recording and of course by using the software to change which bug is being listened to, then recordings can be made from several different deployed devices, such as when multiple bugs have been placed in different areas or rooms of a building under surveillance. The audio bug transmitter can also be incorporated into everyday objects that could be placed into the listening environment (at special request).

Supplied in Highly Protective Case

Both bug and receiver are powered by rechargeable batteries (included) and the receiver has an extra compartment for recharging a set of batteries for the bug, which means a quick redeployment capability if desired. The Acoustic pooch system is contained in a black hard plastic case and is supplied with all accessories including spare rechargeable batteries, earphones and various earbuds, USB charge cable, and recorder output cable.The recorder is also included as part of the package, although is separate from the carry case. The control software is a free download and is compatible with Windows operating systems.

Perfect for Dedicated Surveillance Operatives

The Acoustic Pooch bluetooth audio monitoring system has been designed specifically with surveillance professionals in mind, especially those engaged on ‘live’ operations where immediate intelligence and information is required to facilitate the correct reaction to circumstances as they unfold. Police and other law enforcement professionals could seriously benefit from this superb product as well as those undertaking staffed surveillance tasks in the private investigation industry.

  • Professional direct transmission ‘live’ remote audio monitoring system
  • Powered by rechargeable and replaceable batteries for both transmitter and receiver
  • Approximately 100 metres transmission distance under everyday operating conditions
  • Utilises high power secure bluetooth transmission technology
  • Highest microphone quality with audio response capability of up to 15 metres radius
  • Ability to clearly pickup on whispered conversation in a quiet environment – utilises ALC
  • Sound activated transmitter will enter sleep mode when no noise in placed environment
  • Specialist software supplied for remote setup/adjustment of transmitter (Windows compatible)
  • Listen ‘live’ and record simultaneously using supplied recorder connected to system receiver
  • Recharge batteries for transmitter within charging compartment on receiver whilst in use for quick redeployment
  • Transmitter has interchangeable antenna – possibility to use enhanced antenna for greater range
  • Transmitter Size: 63 x 40 x 13mm (excluding antenna
  • Supplied in hard protective case with earphones, spare earbuds, output cable, USB charge cable and recorder (supplied as a separate item)
  • Perfect solution for law enforcement and other professional surveillance operatives

Is there anything else that I will need to purchase to make the system work?

No, the system is supplied will all accessories including batteries, although you may wish to upgrade the antenna to get a better transmission range

Will I need any specialist technical knowledge to use the Acoustic Pouch system?

You will need basic computer skills to download and use the control software and some practice using the software, but no other specialist prior knowledge is required.

Is the bug transmitter only battery powered or can it be powered from a mains power outlet for longer deployments?

Yes, there is a micro USB port on the bug that would allow external power input for this purpose if desired.

Can the Acoustic Pooch be used to stream live video as well as audio?

No, unfortunately as with all bluetooth products the device has exceptional audio capability only.

Could someone use their mobile phone’s bluetooth to pair with and listen into the transmission from the Acoustic Pooch transmitter?

The bluetooth identity for the system is hidden, so this will not show up on a scan for bluetooth devices conducted on a smartphone or other bluetooth device.

can anybody purchase this device or is it restricted for use by law enforcement and private detectives only?

There is no restriction on who can purchase the system, but we have mentioned that it maybe most useful to those types of surveillance professionals because of the abilities Acoustic Pooch can provide.

You will need to consider the following to use this equipment:

  • To use the free software provided with this unit you will need access to a Windows computer and have basic knowledge of Windows operating systems.
  • This is a direct short distance audio surveillance tool. If you require long distance listening, then consider a GSM bug alternative.
  • Rechargeable batteries are supplied with the system for both bug and receiver, but all batteries of this type have a certain charge/recharge lifespan, so you may need to purchase new batteries at some stage.
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