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Vehicle Trackers – Protect your Mobile Assets

Adrian Mudd   May 5, 2010

Vehicle trackers must surely really only apply to fleets of trucks or cars, but we all should think again. Here we show that covert vehicle trackers and asset trackers can be used on all manner of expensive movable assets and less conventional vehicles.

Vehicle Trackers – Not Just for Cars and Lorries

If I mentioned the words “car trackers” the general perception would be either trackers that are hard-wired inside a car or a lorry and some would even regard a tracking device as a unit that could be covertly attached to or hidden inside a car or a truck. However, as vehicles go, these two types of transport are not the only ones that can benefit from a vehicle tracker.

There are so many other vehicles that can benefit from and do regularly employ to best advantage wired or portable GPS trackers. Included in this category are vehicles such as plant equipment, trailers, caravans, farm machinery, motorbikes and many more. If plant machinery is to use a GPS tracking system then generally a hard-wired system is chosen. However, some choose use a magnetically attached vehicle tracker particularly on smaller plant vehicles or plant machinery that has to be left on a construction site overnight. A magnetic tracker will often provide a more cost-effective option rather than submitting to annual subscription charges of a hard-wired GPS tracking system option. caravans are another type of vehicle that can take full advantage of a magnetic tracking system.

Protection Through Advanced Car Trackers

Over the winter period, caravans are more often than not stored for several months and invariably have no ongoing long term provision of power for a hard-wired GPS system. Yet a magnetic tracker will be able to draw on its own power source and with the latest systems having incredible power-saving technology, these vehicle trackers can remain in a dormant state attached out of view under the caravan for up to twelve months without needing a recharge.

And with pay-as-you-go options available rather than a monthly contract agreement, these devices are certainly a versatile GPS tracking option. So, if you want to protect an expensive movable asset to give absolute piece of mind, then one of the latest magnetic vehicle trackers may prove to be the cost-effective perfect solution. We also have a number of asset trackers, designed to track equally as valuable yet less bulky items. Contact us today to discuss the uses of our car trackers.