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Vehicle Trackers – The Holy Grail of Surveillance

Adrian Mudd   May 1, 2010

Private Investigators know the pitfalls of attempting to discreetly follow a vehicle on today’s busy roads. Here we explain how the latest vehicle trackers provide the perfect surveillance tool for the modern investigator.

Vehicle Trackers Prove Their Worth To The Modern Investigator

Up until 2006, whilst working as a Private Investigator I was constantly asked whether there was a way to track a vehicle by attaching a tracker underneath. At the time there was no such device in existence that could be placed right underneath a vehicle to reliably and accurately track its movements over a protracted period of time. GPS tracking technology was available, but they hadn’t advanced enough to enable them to be placed out of line of sight of the sky. At the same time, GPS tracking devices were fairly power hungry and battery technology had not advanced enough to provide for a long-term deployment.

How times have changed. in the last four years vehicle trackers have come a long way. The latest Sirf Star III GPS chipsets are sensitive enough to maintain a GPS fix even when placed completely under a vehicle. The power-saving features of modern vehicle trackers including sophisticated movement sensors and advances in Lithium battery technology have meant that powering the devices on an extended deployment is no longer an issue.

The devices themselves have become smaller and more intelligent and the tracking platforms that the vehicle trackers send their information to provide a wealth of data for analysis. Live tracking is also now available through the mobile phone, so monitoring a covert GPS car tracker whilst on the move yourself is now not a problem.

Car Trackers to Monitor in Real Time

gps tracker monitor

From a Private Investigators point of view the latest specialised tracking systems are the ‘Holy Grail’ of surveillance. Magnetic vehicle trackers take seconds to deploy. They then work away without need for constant monitoring to provide a catalogue of valuable data from which the surveillance professional can decide his or her next move.

When on a ‘live’ surveillance follow the vehicle tracker is there to get the investigator back on track if the subject vehicle has been lost from view. Magnetic GPS Trackers really are a ˜’must have’ surveillance essential to the modern investigator.

Interested in learning more about car trackers? Find our in-depth article on How Vehicle Trackers Actually Work. Alternatively, contact us to discuss our car trackers and, indeed, our complete range of trackers. Our expert team is here to guide you to the most suitable devices for your personal scenario.