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    Lifetime Asset Tracker

    Product Code GPS8

    The Lifetime asset tracker is a very long life GPS tracking device that is perfect as theft protection for vehicles and assets including Plant, Caravans, Static Homes, Trailers, Horse Boxes, Tractors, Boats and any other valuable movable objects

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    The Lifetime Asset Tracker has been designed with extremely long deployment in mind. Ideal for all types of vehicle and movable structure, this tracking solution is exactly what the industry has been waiting for.

    Trouble Free ‘LifeTime’ Deployment

    Where there is a need to protect valuable assets from theft tracking is now the first consideration. What is needed is a solution that allows for a device to be secreted within the asset, with no requirement for charging of batteries and no concerns over SIM cards being deactivated by the network provider during the lifetime of the tracking device. The Lifetime Asset Tracker covers these two major factors, providing the perfect asset security solution.

    Robust Enclosure for Changing Environments

    The incorporated battery can last up to 15 years! And because there is no need for charging or SIM card change the tracking device is completely sealed making it water and dust and shock proof. All this ensures that the tracker is robust enough to withstand the rigors of changing outdoor environments. The super-long battery life also means that this GPS tracker can over time be moved to monitor a number of different assets/objects.

    Versatility By Design

    The long slim cylindrical design allows the device to be hidden within a variety of valuable assets including Plant machinery and equipment, caravans, trailers, horse boxes, tractors, boats,other vehicles and other moveable objects that have a high replacement cost. The tracking system will only give a location for the asset when it is stationary, so if a piece of equipment or object is static for an extended period of time, then the tracking system will not send out a fresh location until the asset is moved to another location, where it again becomes stationary. This type of reporting therefore provides the facility for extremely long term deployment opportunities, giving up to 7000 positions per year (20 stops per day).

    Monitor on Any Web-Connected Device

    Remotely monitoring the tracker can be done using any web-connected device, computer, tablet or smartphone. You get your own secure login to the tracking platform for your device or devices. Login and check the latest stationary location. Set geofence alerts and ‘lost’ alarm notifications to trigger when the device is moved unexpectedly. Check stored location history of each tracking device. Positions are stored for up to 12 months. There is the option to switch to ‘live mode’, which allows tracking of the device every 5 minutes when the tracker is ‘on-the-move’ (this can reduce the battery life down to a year). The tracking platform mapping is provided using Google Maps integration, so you are guaranteed detailed and comprehensive information on the trackers location wherever it may be in the world.

    Magnetic Deployment Cradle Option

    We had previously been able to offer the Lifetime Asset Tracker with deployment magnets glued on as a cost option. However, with the development of a new mounting cradle which the tracker simply slides into, it is now possible to have the standard tracker and an add on cradle with deployment magnets attached (at and extra cost). The two attached magnets are very strong (64KG combined pull strength) and the design of the cradle also provides for the use of cable ties for circumstances where magnets would be inappropriate. If the deployment cradle is required then it can be selected from the drop-down package options menu.

    Serious Asset Tracking Has Arrived

    Asset tracking has finally caught up with the modern world. The Lifetime Asset Tracker is a powerful solution that enables you to keep your valuable moveable structures, vehicles and assets safe at a cost that won’t break the bank.

    Subscription Costs

     Licence Period   Price (including Vat)
     1 month £10.00
     6 months £57.00
     12 months £108.00
     24 months £204.00
     36 months £288.00
     60 months £360.00
    • Robust sealed design that is waterproof, dust and shockproof
    • Tracking locations each and every time the asset tracker is stationary
    • Long slender design allows it to be slotted in place within the structure of your asset
    • Battery is totally enclosed, no charging necessary – Operational: -20°C ~ +60°C
    • Battery Consumption – up to 15 years (up to 12 months if switched to’ live’ mode)
    • Latest SiRF Star IV (50 channel) GPS chipset technology with in-built high gain antenna for excellent accuracy
    • Inbuilt Motion Sensor will automatically power down to conserve battery battery after static location is given
    • Geo-Fencing will alert you via email the moment the unit leaves any user defined area
    • Switch to ‘live mode’ to get location updates every 5 minutes (reduced battery life significantly)
    • Tracking platform accessible from any web-connected device – mapping powered by Google Maps
    • Accurate Tracking visible usually to within a matter of 5 meters at street level
    • Historic location history stored on tracking platform for up to 12 months
    • Quad Band modem for GSM/ GPS/ GPRS total worldwide operation (850/900/1800/1900 MHz )
    • Preinstalled worldwide roaming SIM card provides seamless cross-border tracking
    • Tracking subscriptions from as little as £3.92 per calendar month (60 months prepaid upfront)
    • Lifetime tracker option – tracker will be exchanged for new unit should battery expire (additional subscription required)
    • Optional Magnetic deployment Cradle available – see dropdown package options menu
    • Tracking unit dimensions: 200mm (Length) x 25mm (maximum diameter)

    Would the tracker work if I placed this tracker inside a container or inside a car?

    If the container is plastic, glass or cardboard, then there should be no issue, but if the container was made of thick wood or metal then this may certainly render the GPS system unusable. Inside a car the tracker has been found to work well, although it will be less effective than in the open due to reduced GPS transmission capability.

    What if the asset containing the tracker went inside a building?

    Ordinarily, if the asset was close was close to external windows, then the GPS location information should still be obtained, however the deeper into a building the person moves, the more chance there will be of total signal loss.

    How accurate is the Lifetime Asset Tracker?

    This will depend on a number of factors including what type of area the tracker is in at the time that it sends out locations. If there are tall buildings then GPS reflection off these buildings can reduce accuracy a little. However, generally the devices are accurate to within about 5 metres.

    If I want to know when the tracker moves from its static location, then is there a way that I can be alerted?

    Yes. This is a feature generally known as a Geo-Fence alert. You can be alerted by email which of course can be received by your smartphone keeping you right up to date.

    How can I watch the movements of my tracking device?

    You are provided with a secure login to the web-based tracking console. This can be accessed from any Internet connected computer or mobile device such as a Smartphone. Dedicated Android and iPhone apps are available for free download.

    Can anybody else access the login to my tracking device?

    Other than one of the manufacturer support team, nobody else will be able to access your tracker login unless you supply the login User ID and password to them.

    If I wanted to move my tracker from one asset to another, then would there be any issue?

    No, you can move the tracker from asset to asset without any restrictions

    If I wanted to add the ‘Tracker for Life’ subscription after a period of time of using the tracker, is this possible?

    No, unfortunately you will have to make this decision in relation to this subscription when you initially set up and first use the device.

    You will need to consider the following to use this equipment:

    • Although a worldwide SIM card is installed as standard, there will be a monthly subscription to pay for monitoring which can range between £3.92 and £8.00 per month dependant upon how much you pay upfront.
    • There is an additional subscription of £2.00 per calendar month should you wish to gain the ‘Tracker for Life’ option. This allows you to exchange the tracker for a new one if the battery expires during the lifetime of the unit.
    • You will need to find position maybe with the structure of the asset to hide the unit, albeit the GPS antenna end needs to be in a semi-exposed position
    • GPS Trackers cannot operate when enclosed within certain materials such as metal and heavy wood. GPS signals can also be blocked by the human body if the tracker is placed in such a way, such as under a seat of a vehicle.