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  • Battery Power Only (or Optional)
  • Built in Internal Memory
  • Can be Used Outdoors
  • Chosen by Mystery Shoppers
  • Designed for Indoor Use
  • High Definition (576p and above)
  • Portable / Bodyworn Camera Solution
  • Records to Changeable SD Card
  • Standard Video Resolution
  • Very Low Light Video Recording

Body Worn Spy Cameras

If you ask someone in the street what comes to mind when they think of body worn hidden cameras and they would probably make reference to a James Bond film or maybe the plethora of programmes that have, over recent years, been shown on mainstream television where an undercover reporter has endeavoured to gather evidence in relation to something of real public interest.

Hide a camera on your Person

What most are blissfully unaware is that body worn covert cameras have their place in everyday life and are used regularly by many professions including Private Investigators, Mystery Shoppers, Police, Trading Standards and many other organisations. Add onto this the fact that the general public now regularly use body worn cameras to assist in gathering evidence for their personal circumstances and you can see that body worn spy cameras have a big following

I guess that most would think of the button camera as being the type of system that is always employed and although button cameras are still regularly used, there are other body worn systems that are utilised, such as tie cameras, pen cameras and cameras built into items of clothing. These hidden cameras have now become so small and smart that they are invariably not visible to the naked eye

Spy Equipment UK have, in this section, assembled an array of the latest body worn spy camera products that suit many circumstances and tastes. Whether you are Private Investigator, Mystery Shopper or simply have a need for a body worn camera system, then there is sure to be something that will suit your needs and pocket

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