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WiFi Listen and Record Extension Lead

Product Code LR3L

Made specifically for Audio Surveillance, this unobtrusive designed fully functional extension lead conceals a WiFi listen and record module providing the ability to remotely listen live and automatically record incidences of audio events in the environment in which it has been been placed. A superbly sophisticated longterm audio spying solution

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Following the successful launch of our other mains powered WiFi listen and record products it was an obvious choice to also incorporate the same great technology into an extension plug. Available as a four or six gang option the WiFi Listen & Record Extension Lead makes for the prefect addition to our longterm WiFi listening device range of products

For many years, when setting up for audio surveillance, there was always a choice to be made between either deploying a device to simply listen in or leave on in position to automatically record, although it was a longterm held ambition to create a product to fulfil both requirements in one. In creating the WiFi Listening Device range, especially in the form mains powered objects we have effectively created a solution that completes our aim.

What To Expect From The WiFi Listen & Record Extension Lead

Mains Powered Cleverly Disguised Technology

Many of our products are by original design powered from a mains supply, which generally ensures that they can be left plugged in and draw no unwanted attention. Incorporating surveillance technology inside shouldn’t mean there are any obvious signs of non-standard circuitry contained within and no interference with original function and on both of these points, that is the case here. All power outlets on the WiFi Listen & Record Extension Lead still work and therefore other mains powered devices can be plugged in and there are no external switches of ports to give rise to any suspicion.

Remote Listening Made Simple Via Smartphone App

Are you wondering how to eavesdrop on a conversation? Monitoring through a Smartphone App, you can eavesdrop ‘live’, whilst the device simultaneously records audio footage, triggered by sounds from the surrounding environment. The WiFi Listen & Record Extension Lead is very easy to operate – simply connect to a power outlet (ensure it’s turned on). The audio surveillance electronics will immediately power up and enter setup mode, so you can link with the smartphone app, which you can download for free from the App Store or Google Play.

Setup & Control From An Android Device or iPhone

Over the years live listening technology has made numerous advances. Earlier devices relied on FM and UHF analogue transmitters, providing limited distance and then with the introduction of the cell phone, GSM was adopted taking transmission distances from local to worldwide. The use of a globally established communication system attracts fees for use, which may involve contract, meaning ongoing costs to ensure that the SIM associated with the GSM device stays active. In addition the ability for a GSM device to record as well has and still is been very limited.

The WiFi Listen and Record Extension Lead cleverly integrates voice activated recording and for the ‘live’ listening element utilises the most widely used 2.4GHz WiFi frequency for remote connection for listening in, setup, control and streaming back recordings. Modern Routers use both 2.4 and 5GHz frequencies that can be set to run side by side. The Android and iPhone app secures communication with the Extension Lead using 2.4GHz, providing worldwide remote access. Here are some main advantages to using existing WiFi networks:

  • Easily controlled using Android or iPhone app-based system
  • Harmonious with twenty-first century Internet-ready smartphones that use WiFi or mobile data connection
  • Unique control app universally available for both Android and iPhone, relevant for almost 100% of handheld mobile handsets
  • No ongoing communication costs or hidden extras associated with standard usage
  • Designed for existing WiFi network infrastructure, offering worldwide connectivity

What Are The Fundamental Features?

There are numerousadvantages of listening in with this WiFi audio gadget and similar devices, for example:

  • Excellent recording facilities including uninterrupted or sound-activated recording when the noise level in the vicinity transcends a certain level.
  • Voice-activated recording can be programmed for 1, 5, 10 or 30 minutes duration for each recorded segment.
  • Microphone sensitivity is adjustable via the app to enable ideal activation level to suit the device location and surrounding noise environment.
  • Recorded files are catalogued with time and date references for easy subsequent analysis. Easily be downloaded to your Smartphone over WiFi or mobile data connection
  • Integral 32GB SD card memory capacity is capable of storing up to 40 days of audio recordings with automatic file overwrite when capacity is reached.
  • Push notifications can be switched on and off very easily in-app. The control features include adjustable sensitivity, memory formatting, switching alerts on and off, and deleting recordings from the onboard SD card memory.
  • A very reasonably priced cloud storage option is also available through the app.
  • With its state-of-the-art features, it will come as no shock that this WiFi Listen & Record Extension Lead is one of the top covert recording devices available on the market today.

With its state-of-the-art features, it will come as no shock that this WiFi Listen & Record Extension Lead is one of the best hidden recording devices available on the market today.

Perfect All Purpose Listening Product

Secret audio surveillance has always been one of the most important intelligence and evidence gathering requirements. The WiFi Listen and Record Extension Lead, with it’s covert design and multi-faceted functionality adds an essential surveillance tool for so many scenarios, averting the need for separate devices to undertake each of the elements of listening and recording.
To use this product in your home, your office, warehouse or store all that you need is a WiFi connection with 2.4GHz frequency availability and of course a suitable mains power outlet where a multi-plug extension lead wouldn’t look out of place for extended time periods. As long as you are deploying the device for legal purposes, the scenarios for utilising such a voice recording device are only limited by the imagination.

If you’d like to learn more about this superb WiFi audio surveillance device, or any of our other listening devices, contact our team of experts today.

  • Fully functional mains powered UK style 4/6 gang extension plug cleverly fitted with a combined WiFi listening and recording system
  • Remotely listen ‘live’ over the Internet from almost anywhere globally at your convenience via on your iPhone or Android handset – Free downloadable monitoring/control app
  • Simple to link with WiFi connection in the vicinity of the extension lead making provision for remote access – No SIM card required ensuring no connection or call running costs
  • Quick WiFi connection linkup procedure through the smartphone app – General compatibility achieved over 2.4GHz connection frequency
  • Automatically triggers recordings of audio events for pre-programmed selectable periods of 1, 5, 10 or 30 minutes – Or set for continuous recording (no gaps)
  • Push event notifications sent to phone – Recorded files automatically saved onto internal 32GB memory card (20 days plus recorded audio storage)
  • Each recorded file is labelled with time and date reference – ideally suited for any evidential requirements
  • Loop recording capability (overwrite) – Easily stream back recordings from the WiFi extension internal memory through the Smartphone app control panel
  • Change settings and configure device options via app – If corruption occurs remotely format installed memory card
  • Powered from mains supply only for longterm surveillance scenarios – No battery power limiting deployment capabilities
  • Plug and forget technology with no hard to understand setup instructions – Quick install providing an everyday audio surveillance solution
  • Totally discreet operation ensuring that its presence is not given away – WiFi connection has no SSID transmitted during initial setup or operation
  • Great microphone technology producing crisp audio – Sound trigger radius of around generally 8 metres radius in a quiet environment (adjustable sensitivity setup)
  • No desktop PC or Laptop needed – All functionality including remote controls, setup and maintenance activated via your Android Smartphone or iPhone
  • Device renaming available – Desirable when using more than on of our WiFi listen and record devices controlled using the same Smartphone
  • Supplied with full easy to understand instructions – backed up by excellent customer support as always if needed

Is there anything visible on the outside of the WiFi Extension Lead, such as a switch of some kind that would alert unwanted attention?

Other than a very small microphone hole discreetly located on one of the side flat faces of the the extension lead body, there is nothing at all that would create any suspicion.

Are there any LED status lights or confirmation sounds during operation?

Because the functionality of this product is purely controlled via a smartphone app (iPhone or Android) and the act of plugging in initiates setup there was no need for any external lights or status sounds .

Because this product isn’t controlled using a computer, is it still fairly simple enough to keep track on the recorded audio files?

As each file is recorded it is automatically given the time and date reference which ensures that it is easy to catalogue them in order. To retain the recorded files they can be downloaded via the free smartphone app that is provided for control and settings.

Does the WiFi Listen and Record Extension Lead only take power from the mains supply or is there a backup battery in case it gets unplugged from the mains supply?

Power is only drawn from the mains power when plugged in as there is insufficient room within to accommodate a battery of any significant size.

What happens to the settings if the WiFi Listen and Record Extension Lead is unplugged from the mains power supply?

When plugged back in the device’s previous settings will be retained, however there is a 5 minutes phase whereby the setup procedure activates. As long as this is ignored the previous settings will continue.

  • This product is controlled operated using either and iPhone or Android phone, so you will need to have use of one of these smartphones to use this product.
  • The WiFi Listen and Record Extension Lead is accessed via a free downloadable app found on both the Apple App Store or Google Play Store
  • Can only be deployed in a location that has a decent WiFi connection with single password access (where you know the password) as opposed to a two stage type used in shared environments such as hotels or general access WiFi. Some Sky WiFi Routers have trouble connecting this device.
  • If the WiFi connection is only set to deliver 5GHz, then you will need to switch on the 2.4GHz transmission by accessing the router settings setup menu.
  • If you have no standard WiFi setup in the desired deployment location, but still want to use this product, then you should consider purchasing a MiFi mobile device to enable a hotspot WiFi connection.
  • This product is purely operated remotely from iPhone or Android smartphones – currently there is no support for desktop computer operation/control