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Advantages of Listening In

Adrian Mudd   June 17, 2013

Some people regard the listening device as being secondary to the spy camera and although listening in has a much longer history, it certainly doesn’t mean that modern listening equipment should have a lesser standing in the world of surveillance.

The big screen and internet highway can possibly lay claim to being responsible for educating the general public in terms of audio surveillance with listening devices. High-level awareness was introduced during the period we know as The Second World War with short films at the cinema and supporting posters in and around public places which exhorted everyone to take care with their words as the enemy could be listening.

Role of Modern Technology in the Listening Device

Listening Devices have moved on from when phone tapping was recorded on a reel to reel tape right into our own houses. Technology has provided a marvellous sound detection and transmission device in the form of the baby monitor. The transmission of sound can activate lights which are built into the monitor and of course trigger vibrations for those with visual challenges or who wish a more subtle information pathway than flickering lights. Also in regular use are handy little devices which can trigger an alarm call to security or can even be programmed to activate a call to the owner of a property.

Key to the development of these audio recorders and tools has been the continued technological advancement of the microphone. One look at an old screening of singers from the early to middle Twentieth Century will reveal that commercial microphones were once the size of a house brick. Picking up the microphone and dancing with it only became possible when the size and therefore weight was reduced.

The Music Industry Benefits As Well

The music groups of today might want thank their forefathers for driving the on stage need for smaller and lighter recording devices – and the change in the setup of audio recorders. Similarly, the earphone began in military need and progressed to be utilised by the music industry. Earphones can funnel and amplify or exclude sound and like the microphone can be directly wired to other resources or operate wirelessly using radio transmission.

How Listening Devices Can Help You

Listening devices are not limited to homes or military uses. Most people in the western hemisphere have seen a stethoscope in use or seen the availability of those devices which respond to specific sounds. An example of this is the device which can be attached to an item such as a bunch of keys. This item is often misplaced by busy owners but a sharp clap of the hounds will bring about a high pitched location sound in return and hey presto the keys are found. Listening devices can be programmed to respond to key words or specific sounds and come in all shapes and sizes depending on whether the task at hand requires an overt or covert approach. These types of devices are fully embedded in our society from cradle to grave and home to high street. Most importantly this daily spy is accepted as part of our lives in an era where many have nothing to fear and much to gain from utilising accessible and user friendly listening devices.