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How To Eavesdrop On A Conversation

Adrian Mudd   May 28, 2015

Before now, eavesdropping used to mean hiding behind doors or hovering out of sight to listen to conversations you weren’t meant to hear, not any more. Eavesdropping has never been easier with the use of a listening device. They do all of the work for you so you don’t need to be around during the conversation if you don’t have to be. This is a revelation as being caught is no longer a threat and better still, it means no sneaking around is required mid-conversation.

Step 1: Researchlistening in on conversations

So no doubt you have your reasons for listening in, but who are you listening in on and how do you intend to do it? The first step is to do your research and determine your target. Are you eavesdropping for personal reasons; to catch a cheating partner or determine a betraying friend. Work related reasons; to confirm suspicions of an employee or for training purposes. Safety reasons; to catch people conspiring something unlawful or dangerous. What answers are you expecting to find? Where and when do you intend to find them? Follow these 6 steps to find out.

>>Advantages of listening in.

Step 2: Buy a Listening Device

There are many types of listening bugs for various situations. Here are the types of conversations you can listen in on and the professional devices which allow you to do so. Which one suits you best? What device would you pick?

Listen to Land line Conversations

>>with the GSM Land line Master<<

Although landlines are seemingly being replaced with mobile phones, that isn’t necessarily the case, you should have ears everywhere. This listening device is activated by connecting it to any standard BT style land line socket. This means you can listen in ‘live’. This device transmits crystal clear conversation straight to you via GSM a.k.a Global System which is the network standard for much of the world. This is a great way to eavesdrop on each side of the conversation as both incoming and outgoing calls are monitored.

Listen in on Work Conversations

>>with the Executive Voice Recorder Spy Pen<<

The beauty of the pen is that it can simply sit in your shirt pocket or desk draw without arousing any suspicion. No one would ever look twice at a pen, especially in the workplace. Although it looks normal, built inside is a voice activated audio recording system. This is one of the best listening bug designs to date. Practically speaking, it works as easily as moving the pen clip up and down. It can be also used as a full functioning pen.

Eavesdrop on Skype Conversations

>>GSM Black Box Listening Bug<<

This bug is discreetly disguised as a computer mouse which gives you access to potential Skype conversations between the person in question and their suspicious companion. This mouse will work both attached and detached from a computer or laptop, how convenient is that? This device is set in motion by dialling the bug’s SIM card number in your phone which will immediately start the recording.

Listen to Interactive Conversations

>>GSM Black Box Recording Package<<

This informer, compact in its appearance, is designed to be hidden in cars, under furniture and any other hiding place you can think of. Once it’s deployed, you can successfully listen back to all the conversation up to a 7 metre (22ft) radius. Sounds perfect doesn’t it? This bug requires a mobile phone SIM card inserted inside so it can be called from any destination in any part of the world.

Step 3: Put your thinking cap on

Use your previous research to create a plan that won’t lead any suspicion in your direction. Make a date in your diary and stick to it. Also make you sure you choose a decent time, would you plant and retrieve a listening device in the morning, afternoon or evening? This all depends on the situation of your target. Would you do it on a specific day, perhaps when your spouse or employees are out of the building? These are the key aspects of your eavesdropping which will lead to either success or failure.

Covert Audio ListeningStep 4: How to plant the device covertly

The plantation of your listening device is essential when hearing every single word. This is where you will need to put your thinking cap back on to assess the best place to install your device. For example, voices are best heard near socialising areas such as sitting rooms and work canteens. They are also heard in more hidden areas such as the spare room or work meeting rooms. Also consider the level of enclosure, the volume of sound and what location a conversation is likely to be heard.

We would suggest you hide it within another object, something made of plastic rather than metal and something that can be placed close by your target without arousing any suspicion. Any household item or work stationary would do. Perhaps within an alarm clock, bedside lamp or even computer keyboard?

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Step 5: Device retrieval

Although you will be itching for answers, try to leave your listening device in it’s destination long enough to be confident about the amount of evidence you have gained. Remember, don’t leave any trace of it behind and be as subtle as you can. This requires observance and wariness of your surroundings.

Step 6: Using the evidence

Now that you have gained your evidence, you can use it against the target, keep it back and get a bigger collection or you can take it to someone of higher authority. Perhaps a manager or even a lawyer.

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Adrian Mudd

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