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Become More Productive With Listening Devices

Adrian Mudd   August 19, 2014

The days of carrying around notepads and scribbling down notes to decipher later whilst at work are long gone. Even dictaphones are becoming outdated, as people use their smart phones to record conversations, notes and memos whilst on the go. However, in situations where you want to make the most efficient notes as possible without making it clear that you are doing so, a dictaphone is not a viable option. Listening devices and hidden audio recording devices are a modern and much more useful alternative, enabling you to get all the information you need quickly.

Take Notes With Hidden Listening Devices

business people using listening devices

In corporate situations, it can often look unprofessional to be overtly recording meetings, briefings or business events or taking too many notes. In such situations, a gadget from our recording devices range, such as our Executive Voice Recorder Spy Pen allows you to record the event without alerting colleagues, business partners or potential clients.

These are sleek, fully working stylish pens with incredibly sensitive hidden listening devices inside which you can activate simply by sliding a clip up and down. There are no giveaway signs such as noise or flashing lights, as the very sensitive microphone records sound with a radius of up to 8 metres for up to 12 hours. You can even set it to become voice activated. For note taking or discreet recording of business meetings for evidence or later discussion, these spy pen listening devices are the perfect gadget.

Record Phone Conversations and Interviews

These days, many people work from home or on site, so have to use technology to communicate with both colleagues and clients. This means a lot of phone calls. When you’re having an important conversation over the phone, it can be tricky to take down notes and absorb all of the information at the same time.

Luckily, our Landline Recorders and Mobile Call Recorders enable you to monitor all ingoing and outgoing phone calls, so that you can record any nuisance calls or collect evidence of conversations for any legal business purposes. Listening devices such as our ADSL Call Trap are voice activated and record both sides of a conversation, allowing you to later upload the file onto your computer to take notes from, pausing and replaying until you have all of the information needed.

Our phone call recorders such as the Genie Spy (Phone and Room Recorder) are sleek and discreet, recording smartphone calls without any giveaway signals with amazing sound quality. You can then upload the recording to your device for note-taking purposes. This model even doubles up as a room recorder with an 8metre range, so can also be taken into the work place for meetings or used in interviews! These spy phone gadgets are versatile and can save you serious amounts of timing whilst improving your professionalism and recording evidence of discussions for future use.

Collect Visual Data – Spy Cameras With Hidden Audio Recording

If it’s physical data that you’re looking for, then a spy camera with an embedded listening device is for you. Many of our disguised secret cameras can film covertly any office situation or meeting, whilst recording high quality audio at the same time. With one of our video recording spy cameras you can collect visual evidence for legal business matters or even just training purposes and then watch and listen to it back later. All you have to do is deploy the camera and leave it. Most of our spy cameras can be motion-activated, and some can even be watched from anywhere in the world via a WiFi connection! This allows you to monitor staff on the move to ensure they are working efficiently and not engaging in any behaviour that could put your business at risk, without compromising their trust. Learn more about our WiFi Cameras.

In a competitive world, being as productive as possible in your career and personal time is essential. Don’t fall behind at work, and save your focus for important tasks by using spy equipment listening devices to make tasks quicker and easier. Use these spy gadgets and you’ll soon see your success rates improve significantly. If you’d like to find out more about how to boost your activity with this gear, contact us now!