Voice Recorders

Voice Recorders, particularly a covert voice recorder is probably one of the most popular pieces of surveillance equipment.

Many would believe that spy cameras would come out on top, but in reality unless something physical is believed to be occurring in the area in which they are deployed, then it is the spoken word that is most important. Recording devices have been used in various forms for many years. They used to be fairly bulky spy gadgets and would require tapes, which meant that they needed to be serviced fairly regularly. The digital revolution has seen the advent of smaller and more powerful covert recording solutions. A digital audio recorder can be incorporated into so many everyday objects and they just keep getting smarter

Hidden Audio Recorders

A covert or spy recorder as they're are often known are required in a variety of situations and there is the misconception that covert audio recorders are always used in an underhand manner, but this is simply not the case. Certain covert recorders are used as a training aid where organisers do not wish participants to be put off by the presence of an overt recorder. Think about Big Brother. Obviously when the contestants enter the house they are aware that they are being filmed and listened to, but after a short while they forget about the cameras and act naturally. Using a covert recording device in a training situation short-cuts the time involved in waiting for participants to act naturally. Some buyers of Spy Recorders want them as a discreet dictation tool, for taking verbal notes throughout their working day

Obviously a voice recorder can be used in various investigation situations. Theft and fraud in the workplace is on the increase and often a covert audio recorder maybe the only way to gather evidence required to deal with the matter effectively. It maybe that you are being bullied at work and need a spy recorder to discreetly record audio evidence of the bully interacting with you. at home it maybe that you suspect that your partner is cheating and need to record what they are saying when you are away from the home. Whatever the circumstance, Spy Equipment UK have a superb range of covert spy recorders to make audio evidence gathering very simple

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