Are You Internet Security Savvy?

Adrian Mudd   November 19, 2014

These days, it may seem as though everyone is either the victim or the perpetrator of a cyberattack. A growing number of people are becoming more technically skilled than ever before, and unfortunately some do take advantage of the tools at their disposal to impinge upon the privacy of others online. Some of us are still rather unaware of how to prevent this, and so may be under threat of becoming the cyber-crime victims. We are here to help you strengthen your cyber and internet security.

The Value Of Internet Security

It is absolutely integral, just as you’d lock the doors of your home to protect yourself and your valuables, that you take precautions to keep hackers out of your online data.

Internet Security Shockingly, a recent survey by the Office for National Statistics has revealed that almost 50% of people in the UK are so unprepared for cyber threats that they don’t even have the most basic security software on their devices.

The Financial Times recently reported that there were 10,731 victims of online hacking in the UK alone in 2013, many incidents of which could have been prevented with internet security precautions. However, there are some who are very proactive in protecting web security. Intelligence agency GCHQ has recently given accreditation to six UK universities to teach specialised master’s degrees in internet security to aid national security.

So it would appear there is a distinct gap between those very much in the know and those who perhaps could learn more about online safety.

Protect Your Online Privacy Using PC Monitoring

If you feel you may be in the section of people who are not prepared for cyber threats, don’t worry, there are steps you can take to keep yourself protected online. PC monitoring equipment allows the user to recover data from their computer and analyse it to detect any traces of unusual activity. With a device like the Data Devil, you are able to find files that have been on any part of the device, even the hard drive, and store them for evidence if you believe you have been hacked.

Data Recovery Stick

You could also use counter-surveillance equipment to find out for sure if you are being hacked, and to prevent it from even happening in the first place. In our spy shop we provide a number of products that enable secure communications, even on mobile devices, such as the Genie Phone Scrambler. This device simply plugs into the headphone output on your phone and ‘scrambles’ the content of your phone call, so that only the recipient, with a matching device, can hear the conversation. In the light of recent phone hacking scandals this is a great device to keep your personal communications private.

Computer Monitoring for Your Own Security

We may not be in the ages of spies using tiny pincers disguised as letter-opening knife in envelopes to remove and read letters, but there are still many people who may want to intercept your online conversations in much more nuanced ways. Protect yourself with computer monitoring security software, and for full safety against unwanted surveillance, invest in PC monitoring or counter-surveillance today. Don’t be a victim of cybercrime, prepare yourself now and use the web in peace. Contact us if you have been affected by the issue of internet security and need help protecting yourself whilst browsing online.