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Asset Tracking – A Good Idea or Being Over Cautious?

Adrian Mudd   October 7, 2013

Asset tracking is a practice used by many to track anything from documents and deliveries to people and pets. There is a wealth of asset trackers on the market in different sizes and with different tracking abilities. Most asset trackers use GPS technology similar to that used to track vehicles but on a much smaller scale as asset trackers are designed to track much smaller objects. So why might we use asset tracking and is asset tracking a good idea or are we becoming a little too cautious and suspicious.

Asset Trackers – Are we Suspecting too Much?

asset tracker devices

The truth is that there is nothing wrong with being suspicious or even cautious when it comes to tracking something or someone that is of great value to you. Asset trackers are used by private investigators for a multitude of reasons. These handy little trackers are so much more than a simple vehicle tracker. A vehicle tracker is great whilst you or a package are in the vehicle but the moment the person steps out of that vehicle the tracking is over. An asset tracker can be placed discreetly inside a package or in documents to investigate and gain evidence of fraud, industrial espionage and much more.

Unlike vehicle trackers, asset trackers are far smaller and have been designed to fit into the smallest of areas and to remain hidden if need be. Most asset trackers will also allow you to track to within a centimetre of where the tracker is placed rather than just an address, these clever tracking devices will lead you directly to the tracker. Using GPS and radio frequencies, it is possible to track from as far as 1km away, making these trackers ideal for local tracking solutions.

Asset Tracking in Companies

Many logistics companies use asset trackers for clients who have an expensive piece of equipment or private documents that need to be delivered in order to protect them. They are a great way for logistics companies to track high value items that are at risk of theft. Or they can be used to catch an internal member of staff who may be stealing customer’s goods from within the warehouse or vehicles. By inserting an asset tracker inside the goods, they can see exactly where the goods are. Some trackers will even allow you to see data second by second.

As well as being used for investigations and to protect goods from theft, asset trackers can also be used on humans and pets. If you have a dog that is prone to running off the minute they are out the door then you can attach an asset tracker to them that will talk directly to your mobile phone to alert you to where they are! The same technology can be used on humans or rather children. It’s so hard to keep an eye on a child at all times, especially if you have more than one. To give you complete peace of mind that you know where your children are at all times, make them carry an asset tracker.

Track Your Assets – Be Safe

Asset tracker pin cars

Asset trackers are ideal trackers for many things and are incredibly versatile in their uses. Most are relatively inexpensive compared to other types of trackers and are well worth the investment. When it comes to high value goods, confidential documents or your child’s safety, you can never be too cautious. Asset trackers bring you peace of mind that you just cannot get from anything else. Contact us if you wish to learn more about any asset tracker that we supply.