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Avoid Feeling Watched With Counter Surveillance

Adrian Mudd   September 30, 2013

Do you always have a feeling that someone is watching you? Maybe you have an overly jealous partner, but whatever the reason may be, there are ways of counteracting any spy or surveillance equipment that may be in operation; through the products in our complete, evolving and intelligent counter surveillance line. It is fairly common these days for people to install software on people’s computers and mobile phones that logs all of a person’s conversations, texts, emails and internet activity including passwords and chat room conversations. If you are concerned that someone may be carrying out surveillance on you or your home then the following products may help.

Detect a Threat in Your Home with Counter Surveillance Devices

There are various products available that can detect whether or not you have any bugs within your home or personal belongings. Depending what the level of threat is to you and your information will depend on what products you may be interested in. With bug detection products such as the Bug Detector – Profinder 1206i, which will detect any type of bugging device that uses radio transmitters to the more basic camera detector, you can choose something that will suit a relatively low risk threat of surveillance.

However, if you are looking for a top of the range and highly professional counter surveillance device, because the threat to your security is high then you should take a look at the specialist bug detection range, and in particular the Bug Hunter PRO-SL8.  This clever and advanced piece of equipment will detect even the most sophisticated of GPS car trackers and will give you complete peace of mind that you can find and disable any device that may exist in your home or in your belongings.

Ensure You’re Landline is Free of Bugs

If you believe that your telephone or mobile phone may have been bugged so that your conversations can be recorded then you may want to consider looking at some counter surveillance equipment specifically designed to find and expose telephone hacks. Most common telephone bugs are recorders that are placed on the phone line and are able to record conversations from the moment the phone is picked up to the moment it is put down.

If you are looking for counter surveillance products or have a suspicion that someone may be watching you, then visit Spy Equipment UK as we have all you need to shut down surveillance and spy equipment. The product in our counter surveillance bug detection economy line can be used by all and are easy to understand – giving top results.