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The Credit Crunch Sees a HUGE Rise on Business Attacks

Adrian Mudd   March 5, 2009

Business leaders are reporting an increase in theft from the workplace and of goods in transit. Thieves and fraudsters are becoming smarter in attacks on vulnerable cash-strapped businesses.

Statistics confirm that there was a marked increase just leading up to The Credit Crunch€™ and this has continued to increase throughout the period of economic downturn. As businesses start shedding staff and margins become tighter, the increase in losses due to theft and fraud have added insult to injury. Spy equipment UK has noted an increase in enquiries from business leaders who are aiming to reduce their losses to effectively ensure that matters do not spiral out of control.

How Can Businesses Prevent Thefts?

Within the work environment Employers have singled-out covert and hidden camera installations as an effective evidence gathering tool in the fight against theft within the workplace. Logistics companies are focusing on vehicle and asset tracking devices for trailers and expensive merchandise in transit. Spy Cameras that allow remote viewing into the Drivers Cab and Trailers are being chosen as the perfect remote monitoring device protecting Drivers and assets in transit.

Spy Equipment purchases to protect company assets and integrity have not just been limited to spy cameras and tracking equipment. Voice Recorders, Computer Monitoring Equipment and slick GSM Listening Devices have all been snapped up by Employers looking at clawing back the advantage. Other Employers seem at a loss as to what action to take, but whilst they procrastinate, the losses must surely be mounting.