What Can I Use Tracking Devices For?

Adrian Mudd   May 8, 2017

It’s a common misconception that tracking devices can only be used in cars and other vehicles. But these devices are versatile, and with many employing innovative technical capabilities, these instruments have a wealth of applications. They can also be used in conjunction with other devices, such as your smartphone.

GPS Tracker

While using GPS trackers to keep tabs on vehicles is their primary function, tracking devices can be used to monitor the movements of virtually anything. Simply put: if it moves, you can track it! For that reason, Spy Equipment UK has put together a handy list of uses for tracking devices. Read on!

Top uses for tracking devices

1. Keep an eye on your car

As mentioned above, this is one of the main reasons to use a tracking device. Installing a tracking device on your car is a great way to prevent theft. Monitor the whereabouts of the car, and easily locate it if taken. Vehicle trackers have been helping citizens, the police and private investigators identify missing vehicles for years.

Whether you own a fleet of vehicles and want to monitor their whereabouts and the safety of your drivers, or you’ve spent a small fortune on your vehicle and want to ensure it does not get stolen, vehicle trackers are one of the best ways to do so.

Watch our video on how to fit a tracking device on your car here.

2. Be vigilant with your valuables

Some artwork and antiques are invaluable and irreplaceable – which unfortunately makes them a prime target for opportunist thieves. There may also be occasions where you are shipping expensive items and require additional security while they are in transit.

GPS trackers can be used to locate the whereabouts of stolen goods, enabling you to recover it immediately. In addition, asset trackers can be attached to valuables while they are on the move – micro trackers, for example, are small enough to be concealed without causing any damage to your items.

Check out our range of asset trackers.

3. Look after your loved ones

Single women, young children and those walking alone late at night or in dangerous areas could benefit from keeping a GPS tracking device on them. Keep this handy item in your bag or pocket and it may just save your loved one’s life!

The elderly and disabled people may benefit from having a tracking device close by. If they have a fall, become ill or get lost, their family and friends will be able to find them quickly and ensure they are safe. Vulnerable groups such as these may find this device helpful in tricky situations.

Finally, you can use tracking devices to monitor the whereabouts of VIPs and celebrities who are at risk of being kidnapped or attacked. Browse our selection of people trackers.

4. Pets need protection too

Tracking devices can easily be fitted to your pet’s collar and used to monitor their whereabouts is considered to be lost or stolen. This makes searching for your pet a whole lot easier! Whether your dog has run down the street in pursuit of food, or you are just interested in where your cat goes when it is not in the house, these tools are the perfect purchase.

5. Cautious hiking and camping

You are hiking into unchartered territory and you get lost in the wild. With a GPS tracker, hikers who get lost can be recovered quickly should they ever come up as missing. Be sure to share details with trusted family and friends, and indicate that you will have a GPS tracker with you in case you experience any trouble.

Similarly, camping enthusiasts can also benefit from the use of a GPS tracker and can be found quickly if they end up lost or in danger. In addition, hikers and campers can keep track of their own whereabouts, monitoring and plot where they have been, where they want to go, and the new places out there to explore on their next adventure!

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