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Launch of Videos and Data Sheets to Aid Our Customers

Adrian Mudd   May 22, 2009

The Spy Equipment UK website is under constant review to make the experience of our visitors a pleasant, but informative one.

One of the reasons why some new web-surfers hold back from purchasing on the Internet is the fact that it is often difficult to see what they are buying because they have been unable to see at close hand and handle the products that interest them. Here at Spy Equipment UK, we are gradually adding videos to each of our products, which we feel demonstrate to our customers in more depth what in fact they will be purchasing. The additional information included in each of the videos helps our customers make an informed decision before they buy online.#

Spy Equipment Data Sheets

In addition to our catalogue launch, we are now adding data sheets to each of our products so that our customers can save/print off a fully detailed information sheet in a very presentable and easy-to read format.

If you have any suggestions that you think would enhance visitor experience to the Spy Equipment UK site, then we would be happy to hear your views. You can contact our committed team today.