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Communication Under Siege From Surveillance Offenders

Adrian Mudd   November 22, 2010

As we use modern technology increasingly to contact our friends, family and colleagues, we also leave ourselves open to surveillance. Here we discuss how easy it is to snoop on Internet and mobile phone conversations.

Most of us might be forgiven for thinking that as we embrace new digital technology our lives have not only become easier as regards to remaining in touch, but also that the security of our communications has become more secure. Staying in touch has never been so easy. In today’s world, we have email, mobile phones, online chatrooms and VOIP platforms, so there really is no excuse for not staying in touch. The digital age has provided a level of security in some aspects, but also has left the door open from sophisticated intrusion techniques.


Make Sure Your Conversations Are Secure from Surveillance

Previously intrusion into supposed secure communication was left to those with specialist knowledge, but now almost anybody can intercept mobile phone and Internet communication using the latest spy equipment. Computer activity monitoring software has been around for a number of years, but now monitoring solutions are available in an almost plug and play spy gadget format. A recent addition, a keylogger software that enables information to be secretly emailed out is one of the superb PC monitoring tools that have proved very popular. Other simple-to-use computing spy gadgets include a USB stick that when plugged into the PC and set in operation, will uncover any current or deleted images that contain flesh tones, which means they will recover pornographic imagery. There is also a similar USB device that will recover online chat – the surveillance detection chat stick – from numerous commonly used chatroom applications.

Keep Phone Hacking a Thing of the Past

Mobile Phone communications are not beyond interference and investigation. It almost goes without saying that mobile phones are themselves mini computers, which by their very nature leaves them open to software adjustment and upgrades. Mobile phone software engineers have been able to design covert phone software applications that tap into SMS messages, call logs, emails and calls. The latest software is very simple to install and use which ensures that almost anybody with basic knowledge can take advantage.

Like it or not, the latest spy gadgets can now easily intercept most of our communications and where most will not be worried by such advances in spy technology, there will those who should be careful what they say, what they type and what they text.