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Counter Surveillance – Some Simple Tips

Adrian Mudd   June 16, 2010

Here at Spy Equipment UK, we have developed a vast wealth of knowledge on common surveillance techniques and as such a wide range of simple tips for counter surveillance techniques.

This article will help the D.I.Y. Detective in most counter surveillance situations they may find themselves in.

The most common form of surveillance is audio monitoring, usually in the form of GSM bugging with the GSM bug either hidden or disguised as an every day object. When conducting a ‘bug sweep’ it is imperative that all plug sockets and light switches are removed from the wall. This allows for a physical check to see if an audio module has been attached to the mains at this point, light fittings are also possible places an audio unit may be connected to the mains.

Noticing Surveillance Devices

Ensure to check any high, out of sight or reach locations (including above ceiling tiles if possible) that could conceal and audio devices – our specialist bug detection range is the ideal product range for this. Spy Equipment UK’s Snake Inspection Camera is perfect for this. Remember, however, to always back up a thorough physical check with a scan from a suitable bug hunter. Video units operate in a very similar way to audio units however must have the lens (however small) on show, the quickest way to pick these out is to use Spy Equipment UK’s Spy Camera Finder.

Counter Surveillance Devices to Consider

GPS Vehicle Trackers are also a common area of surveillance, with magnetically mounted units being the most popular due to their ease of deployment and removal. The two types of magnetically mounted car trackers are Live GPS Trackers and Historic GPS Loggers. Both can be detected by a thorough search of the underside of the vehicle, as both types work best when parallel to the road surface it is best to check places where this would be possible first. Front or rear bumpers are also popular spots along with spare wheel compartments and boots.

Bug Detection and Counter Surveillance

A GPS Logger can only be detected by this method as they do not actually send an RF transmission and simply communicate with the mid-orbit satellites to obtain long & lat coordinates to log. A live GPS tracker, however, uses an onboard SIM card to communicate its long & lat data to a remote server meaning this is an RF transmission that could be detected but Spy Equipment UK’s Pro Finder 1206i Bug Hunter or higher.

As a team of former private detectives and police investigators, we are best placed to advise on surveillance devices and techniques. We welcome any enquiries relating to this and, indeed any of our other, product ranges.