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How Domestic Counter Surveillance Could Help You

Adrian Mudd   July 9, 2012

Although many consider using surveillance spy equipment to sort out their personal issues, there is a growing following for counter surveillance usage for the domestic market. Here we examine what is involved.

Divorce courts are full of cases where evidence of infidelity is presented in order to gain a swift end to the marital arrangements and, very often, to claim the rightful share of the goods and chattels of the partner proven to have perpetrated the marital crime. This is the point where the cheating spouse can find themselves instructing legal advisors to defend their financial position.

Gain DIY Counter Surveillance Evidence in Your Divorce Case

It’s well known that a person scorned can be a very angry and vengeful person who often wants to extract every penny they can from their soon to be ex partner. This is where counter surveillance sometimes comes into play, often long before a divorce case reaches the courts, if it gets there at all. Counter surveillance is the more secretive side of the domestic spy business and the one where it is essential to tap into the resources of professional, reliable experts to make the best use of this facility. A cheap plug-in bought off the internet from randomdotcom simply won’t do in any case. When counter surveillance is the name of the game, you need a professional with a great team, the right equipment and more importantly, the right knowledge and attitude. The use of counter surveillance is, by its very nature, less high profile in famous divorce cases. Unsurprisingly, counter surveillance tends to be more heavily used within the business environment and therefore features in that part of the domestic market where families have been running their own business empire and where relationships are unfortunately breaking down. A very sad set of circumstances, whichever way one looks at it.

Know how to Benefit From the Truth

Remember, if you are the victim of infidelity of any kind, if you have a cheating partner, whether business or personal, there are four things to do: The first is to ask yourself if you want the truth. The second is to get the facts i.e get the Truth. This can mean utilising professional help and is often the point where counter surveillance techniques might be put into play by either party. The third is to decide what you want to do about those facts. A quote commonly attributed to Buddha is: Holding onto anger is like picking up a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.

The moral of the tale is that the domestic spy market is growing as a result of people taking action, rather than by getting angry and remaining impotent in their anger. Hooray for spy equipment: helping to ease pain and improve domestic situations all around the world.

And the fourth? That’s how you and yours choose to move forward and get some fun from the world. Maybe by treating yourself to a new gadget? Contact us to learn more about our surveillance options across our many types of useful products.