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Fraud is on Increase as Credit Crunch Bites

Adrian Mudd   January 30, 2009

Fraud experts and business groups have put employers on red alert as the economic downturn forces many workers to find extra cash dishonestly. Recent figures showed that employee fraud has cost UK companies more than £77m in the first half of 2008 – up from just £10m in the same period the previous year

Spiralling personal debt as a result of mortgage, food and fuel price hikes was making workers desperate. Sadly, commercial organisations throughout the UK are currently failing, in some cases quite spectacularly, to get to grips with the fraudulent activity of their staff. Spy Equipment UK recognises that with fraud currently being committed by an estimated 1 in 5 staff, employers need all the help available to ‘turn the tide’.

Prevent Fraud With A Hidden Spy Camera

By closely monitoring employee activities utilising specialist covert hidden camera equipment and covert vehicle tracking equipment, the employer can gather evidence to tackle the problem head-on. By sending out a clear message to employees that fraud in the workplace is unacceptable, the employer will invariably control the situation and can sometimes drastically reduce operating costs.

Because Spy Shops are not commonplace in every major Town and City, most employers are completely unaware of the cutting-edge technology that is now available to keep an eye on wayward employees. Spy Equipment UK are able to provide assistance and guidance over the telephone so that employers can make sound informed choices.